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What are the steps to buy an apartment in Mauritius?



To buy an apartment in Mauritius requires a certain amount of thought beforehand: it is necessary to take time to define your search criteria: there is no point in hurrying, it is preferable to do things in the right order. Moreover, it is strongly advised to call upon a competent professional to assist you in your real estate plan.

How to define your search criteria for an apartment in Mauritius?

Before taking any steps, it is essential to study in detail and to define as precisely as possible one's research criteria to buy an apartment in Mauritius.

Several points are to be studied: the location, the type of property, the number of bedrooms, the possibility of making renovations, the desired moving-in date, the final objective behind the purchase of an apartment in Mauritius. The objective is to refine one's research as much as possible in order to target more precisely the properties to visit. 

Defining the geographical area(s) is the first step in your search to buy an apartment in Mauritius. Do you prefer the lively life of the North, the calm of the villages in the East, the beauty of the mountainous landscapes in the West or the wild side of the South? Do you have any constraints in terms of location: a job, a school for the children?

Do you want to buy new or old ? If you invest in an old property, you are guaranteed to move into your apartment within a few months of buying. On the other hand, for a buy in the old, you will have to wait a few months or even a few years. 

Moreover, are you open to possible renovations to be made in the apartment? Or do you prefer a turnkey apartment where you can settle down and enjoy the beauty of Mauritius directly? The number of rooms is also important: how many rooms do you need? Do you want to host your relatives regularly? Will you live alone or with your family? 

Finally, you need to ask yourself what is the final objective of your apartment purchase in Mauritius. Do you want to buy for rental investment, to spend your retirement on the island or to expatriate with your family? Depending on the objective of your purchase, the competent professional will be able to guide you.

Is it necessary to use a real estate agent to buy in Mauritius?

To call upon a real estate consultant is recommended to buy an apartment in Mauritius. The real estate agent will accompany you in your research, help you to refine your criteria according to the market prices and to select the apartments adapted to your needs. He will also be able to answer any questions you may have during your first real estate viewing. 

However, it is important to use a qualified real estate agent. He will be able to select for you only the properties that correspond to you and he will also help you to gather all the documentation you need to buy an apartment in Mauritius. This professional will be at your side throughout your project to advise you and guide you in your buying. He is a real teammate you will not be able to do without. 

The consultants of BARNES Mauritius are available to assist you in your real estate plan. They will take the time to accompany you from A to Z so that you can find the apartment of your dreams in Mauritius.

What happens when we find the apartment of our dreams in Mauritius?

Once you have found the apartment of your dreams, the consultant remains at your side to carry out all the steps with the notary and especially for the final signature at the notary's office.

Do not hesitate to contact our agencies. We will be delighted to help you in your search for an apartment in Mauritius.