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Grand Baie in Mauritius



Grand Baie is a village located in the North of Mauritius. It is a real seaside resort and a high place of tourism. This village has quickly become the most visited of the island. In this article, we will discover the history of the village of Grand Baie, we will also see what to do and what to see in this village and finally we will present the advantages of living in Grand Baie.

The history of Grand Baie village in Mauritius

Before becoming a popular seaside resort for tourists, Mauritians and expatriates, Grand Baie was once an authentic fishing village.

With its lush vegetation, this village was a refuge for animals, which made it a real hunting ground. In the 18th century, when the French colonized the island, then called Isle de France, Grand Baie gradually became a land of breeding and plantation, especially of sugar cane.

Once the British settled in Mauritius in 1810, the activities related to sugar as well as the beauty of its bay and its beaches developed the village. As early as the 19th century, hotels started to be built in order to welcome the numerous visitors. Generals and writers gave their names to the famous neighborhoods attached to Grand Baie: Mont Choisy or Pereybere.

Today, Grand Baie is home to dozens of hotels, but also real estate developments, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, and corporate headquarters. The dynamic rhythm of life mixed with the paradisiacal environment of this village has pushed many Mauritians to come and settle there and attracts day after day expatriates from all over the world wishing to settle in Mauritius.

What to do and what to see in Grand Baie in Mauritius?

Grand Baie is widely appreciated by the Mauritian population, expatriates but also tourists because this village gathers several activities.

In the morning, you can go to the market of the village to buy your fruits, vegetables, and clothes, then head to the beach to watch the arrival of the fish of the day at the fish market.

While waiting for lunch, you can head to the La Cuvette beach, enjoy the sweep of boats in and out of the bay or to the paradise beach of Pereybère.

For lunch, a wide range of restaurants is available. Indeed, you can enjoy a delicious typical Mauritian dish, the fried or boiled mine, feet in the water in a small Mauritian truck installed on the beach of Grand Baie, or go to the Sunset Café on Sunset Boulevard, admire the turquoise water of the bay and the return of the various big game fishing.

In the afternoon, head to the Northern Islands for a dive and enjoy the beautiful ocean floor.  If you prefer to stay on land, enjoy the prestigious 18-hole championship golf course at Mont Choisy or visit the island's roots at the Château de Labourdonnais.

In the evening, head to Le Poivrier or La Sauterelle, restaurants offering a wide variety of tasty cuisine in a heavenly setting.

Living in Grand Baie in Mauritius

Leaving the capital of Port-Louis to come and live in Grand Baie has been the bet of many Mauritians in recent years. It has also become the choice of many expatriate entrepreneurs who wish to live in a dynamic city while keeping a calm environment, close to the sea, in a mild climate all year round.

Grand Baie offers many modern and practical infrastructures such as the commercial center 'La Croisette', with shops, supermarkets, private clinic, cinema, bar, restaurants and gym.

You will also find in the village of Grand Baie many restaurants offering local and western flavors.

Grand Baie attracts families for its schools and health facilities. Indeed, the North of Mauritius gathers the best private and public French and English schools within 15 minutes’ drive from the center of the village. Also, many pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and medical offices are located there.

The North also has numerous bus lines leading to the capital and surrounding villages. The Northern Highway also makes it easier and faster to get to Port Louis.

Also, this village attracts many water activities: scuba diving, boat trips to the northern islands, water skiing, and snorkelling are all possible in this area.

Finally, Grand Baie and its neighboring villages offer all types of real estate, such as waterfront or beachfront villas, apartments, or penthouses. The North is constantly developing, and many new developments are created year after year.

If you wish to buy or rent a property in Grand Baie or in Mauritius in general, you can contact the BARNES agency, expert in real estate on the whole Mauritian territory. Take advantage of our expert advice to facilitate your installation on the island.

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