Famously known for its pristine beaches, turquoise lagoons, mountainous interiors and multi-cultural population, Mauritius is an Island where luxury and authenticity collide. The island's unique demographic and tropical setting have for a long time pillared its renowned tourism sector. Four Seasons, Heritage Resorts and One and Only Resorts are some of the many prestigious hotels that have attracted both foreigners and Mauritians alike. Internationally renowned championship golf courses such as the Heritage Golf Club, designed by Peter Matkovic, as well as the Four Seasons Golf Club at Anahita, designed by Earnie Els, have been the result of this affluent sector’s development.

Over the years, Mauritius has maintained and grown its lavish tourism industry but has since enriched with the country’s economic development. Tourism no longer solely sits within boarders of coastal hotel walls but extends to the discovery of Mauritius’ flourishing culture and biodiversity. The Mauritian population is made up of a multitude of cultures blending African, European, Chinese and Indian influences throughout all aspects of cultural elements: architecture, food, fashion, art, and language. This melting-pot is perfectly portrayed in historical cities such as Mahebourg, Port-Louis and Quatres-Bornes where spectacles of colour, scents and sounds are delightfully experienced. Historical landmarks are both abundant and diverse, story-telling the journey of Mauritius with the presence of Colonial Chateaux, Ports, Ruins and other many historical sites the Island holds. Being a volcanic island, Mauritius also hosts along with its cultural and historical uniqueness, many endemic fauna and flora which can be experienced by visiting protected reserves such as the Black River Gorges, Ile aux Aigrettes and the Blue Bay Marine Park. The island’s mountain ranges, islets and coral reefs portray its abundant yet delicate biodiversity in an inimitable, landscaped “oeuvre d’art”.

Hospitality, culture and nature represent the luxurious and authentic beauty of Mauritius. The island’s quintessential lifestyle has lured many around the world as well as encouraged the development of other affluent industries such as Cinema; with the likes of Academy award-winning actors Mathew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway. One of the island’s major rising sectors is of course Real-Estate. Mauritius is home to charming traditional beachfront bungalows with direct access to private beaches, available for sale to Mauritians and for rental to both Mauritians and foreigners. Boasting luxury and modernity, property schemes such as Anahita, La Balise Marina, Akasha and Pointe d’Esny le Village, offer a wide range of state of the art residential units to both International and Mauritian buyers. These are some of the many exceptional locations to live a tropical Mauritian lifestyle splendidly.

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