Localnovembre 13, 2018
Mauritius: An architecture steeped in history

Mauritius is known for its cultural richness and diversity. In terms of architecture, it creates a fabulous bridge between captivating [...]

Localnovembre 06, 2018
In celebration of Mauritius

Mauritius is dressed in a thousand colours. Its inhabitants come from diverse and varied backgrounds, all linked under the same [...]

Localoctobre 30, 2018
Under the sun in the East

The sun is at its peak, the days are getting longer, the lagoons are warm, Mauritius as a whole is [...]

Localoctobre 23, 2018
Belle Chamarel

The West of Mauritius is a collection of wonders. Renowned for its Black River district, offering magnificent white sandy beaches and [...]

Localoctobre 16, 2018
Mahébourg all in flavours

Mahébourg is a charming coastal village on the Southeastern coast of Mauritius, bordered by one of the most beautiful lagoons [...]

Localoctobre 09, 2018
An Ecotourism experience in the North

The North of Mauritius is mainly known for its magnificent white sandy beaches and luxury hotels. But did you know [...]

Localoctobre 02, 2018
Pointe d'Esny Le Village hits the spotlight in South Africa

BARNES Mauritius and Compagnie de Beau Vallon Ltée (CBVL) have recently returned from a second successful Road Show in South [...]

Clippingsseptembre 28, 2018
More South Africans 'hedging their bets' by buying property in Mauritius

Fin24 - 28 September 2018: Investing in Mauritius is very attractive for the South African market.  Read more. [...]

Localseptembre 25, 2018
Finding your happiness in Tamarin

What a bliss it is to live in the charming and lively village of Tamarin, located on the West Coast [...]