4 reasons to buy in Pointe d'Esny Le Village

4 reasons to buy in Pointe d'Esny Le Village

By Lisa Vial

Pointe d'Esny Le Village is a new real estate project located in the South-East of Mauritius, on the edge of one of the most beautiful lagoons in the country. This 168-acre project offers more than 500 residential units, divided into apartments, penthouses, duplexes and villas accessible to Mauritians and foreigners, as well as lands reserved for Mauritians.

Pointe d'Esny Le Village also includes public spaces that will house small local shops, restaurants and cafés, as well as everyday facilities such as a kindergarten and a primary school, a sports centre and a mini-market. Residents will also benefit from access to the sea through an exclusive Beach Club.

1. An idyllic location

The new real estate project is ideally located on the South-East coast of Mauritius, in a preserved natural paradise renowned for its beaches and turquoise lagoon. Forests, natural ponds, sea and mountains form the backdrop to Pointe d'Esny Le Village and its authentic way of life. Not far from Pointe d'Esny Le Village, Blue Bay Marine Park offers an unforgettable experience thanks to its great marine biodiversity.  To enjoy this piece of deep ocean, you can try snorkeling or diving and discover amazing marine life. Several kitesurfers also choose Pointe d'Esny for their sea trips.

2. Exceptional properties

Settling in Pointe d'Esny Le Village means choosing luxury accommodation in the heart of an exceptional environment. Large lots, only accessible to Mauritians, will allow you to build a property that reflects the future to which you personally aspire. The apartments, duplexes and villas with low, tropical and contemporary architecture, are accessible to Mauritians and foreigners alike.

Among the many proposed offers, this 260 m² duplex will seduce you with its private pool, its 3 spacious bedrooms and its veranda  opening onto a lush garden.

3. A resourcing tranquility

The South-East of Mauritius represents the perfect balance between development and preserved authenticity. In the heart of this effervescence, Pointe d'Esny Le Village offers you a peaceful living environment thanks to its large green spaces and residential units that blend into the surrounding vegetation. Living in Pointe d'Esny Le Village means relaxing while experiencing the Mauritian way of life.

4. A 30-acre green lung

Pointe d'Esny The Village is built around a green lung of nearly 30 acres, which is a major aspect of the development. This is the first real estate project in the country to be developed around natural ponds that will be preserved, restored and beautified. Enjoy high-end services in an authentic environment, this is the promise of Pointe d'Esny Le Village.

Please contact the BARNES office in Pointe d'Esny Le Village at + 230 630 1000 for more information.

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