BARNES Mauritius, partner of the 1st Ordre de Malte 2021 Solidarity Trophy

BARNES Mauritius, partner of the 1st Ordre de Malte 2021 Solidarity Trophy


BARNES Mauritius is proud to have been a partner of the 1st Solidarity Golf Trophy of l'Ordre de Malte Mauritius, which was held this Saturday, February 13 at the Golf of Mont Choisy.

This great solidarity tournament brought together 78 players over 18 holes, including one sponsored by BARNES Mauritius. This initiative brought together companies and donors in order to raise funds to carry out the solidarity actions of the Ordre de Malte Mauritius association. 


L'Ordre de Malte was founded in the 11th century in Jerusalem. It came into being with the Hospitallers who ran a hospital and provided care for pilgrims. Today, the Order is present in more than 120 countries and is mainly active in the field of health, social care and humanitarian aid. Worldwide, there are 13,500 members, supported by 80,000 volunteers and 42,000 doctors, nurses and paramedics.

Operating in Mauritius since 2013, L'Ordre de Malte today brings together 75 PSE1 and PSE2 certified first-aid workers.





- make donations

- volunteering your time

- initiatives you can take with the Order of Malta

To make a donation or get involved:

The donations will be used, among other things, to ensure the delivery of meals and first aid to the homeless, to finance medicines and equipment, and to guarantee the presence of first-aid workers at first-aid stations.