Beach Chic

Beach Chic

By Léa Conway

Properties in Mauritius boast so many different architectures, designs and materials, gloriously portraying the diversity of this dynamic Island. However, there is one contemporary trend that seems to be persistent for the past couple of years, a trend we like to call "Beach Chic". It is defined by 4 significant factors, all inspired by Mauritius' naturally beautiful environment: 

  1. Rattan

Rattan is the thin jointed stems of a palm, used to make unique pieces of furniture. This material is portrayed in some of the most exquisite contemporary properties across the Island, allowing a certain edginess to their clean-line inspirations. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, it is amazingly paired with many other earthly materials, especially with the next authentic element. 

  1. Wood

Wood is a must in any Mauritian property, whether it be in the structure or in the decor. It has been used by generation after generation, with traditional techniques being kept whilst others being developed. Sometimes, it is even best to leave it take its course. A simple piece of drift wood can remind you of how the roughness of the sea can transform something into a smooth work of art.


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  1. Stone

Considering Mauritius was created by volcanic activity, there is no surprise that volcanic rock is regularly used in construction. Mainly utilized to create solid boundary walls, they can also act as stunning feature walls or columns. The texture and earthly colours break the homogeneity derived from the modern lines of today’s properties, hinting at the roots of our beloved Island.

  1. Water

When you think of Mauritius you immediately picture a blue lagoon, caressing the soft sands of the coastal beaches. Its waters are as clear as the skies yet filled with incredible biodiversity. No wonder we get inspired by this phenomenon when it comes to decorating our homes.

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