Blue bay mauritius, a true paradise on earth

Blue Bay Mauritius is one of the favourite places for those who visit or settle in Mauritius...

By Olivier Babet

Blue Bay Mauritius remains one of the favorite places to visit or live in Mauritius. with it's heaven-like lagoon and panoramic views, it is the perfect place to settle down if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful environment with the folkloric activities nearby in the village of Mahebourg. 

Please find below the 7 absolute things to do in Blue Bay and the surrounding regions of the South East of Mauritius. 

  1. Blue Bay Marine Park

 If you are a diving enthusiast, the Blue Bay Marine Park cannot be missed. On the public beach of Blue Bay, you can easily find a taxi-boat to take you to the marine park. The many species of fish and different coral sites will blow your mind and this will be an unforgettable experience. 

immobilier ile maurice blue bay

2. Ile aux Aigrettes

L' Ile aux Aigrettes, a protected nature reserve is one of the most sought after places to visit when you live in the South East of Mauritius.  A short boat trip on the translucent waters of the lagoon will take you there to discover this island, spared by human activity. The guide who will paint a very informative picture of this island during the one hour walk during which you will see turtles in the wild and other endemic animals and plants saved.

immobilier ile maurice ile aux aigrettes

3. National History Museum

This free-entrance museum located on the two floors of a colonial house at the entrance to Mahébourg, will amaze you with the rich history of Mauritius. The museum also exhibits watercolours, engravings and period objects, and overlooks a park where the remains of a railway line can be found.
immobilier ile maurice musée mahebourg

4. Mahebourg Waterfront

Next to the Mahébourg market,  the waterfront is a peaceful place to enjoy long walks and contemplate the magnificent views over the lagoon and the lion mountain. The Monument that commemorates the only naval battle Napoleon won against the English is a great historical place.
immobilier ile maurice mahebourg waterfront


5. Biscuiterie Rault

This family biscuit factory is a must-go to enjoy the history of the company created in 1868. Discover the stages of artisanal production of the well-known Mauritian biscuit, made from manioc.  The visit will finish up with a biscuit tasting with local tea.

immobilier ile maurice biscuiterie 

6. The Ferney Valley

Situated inland, the Ferney Valley offers a beautiful guided tour hike, to discover the endemic fauna and flora of Mauritius. The walk ends with a typical delicious Mauritian cuisine lunch in the valley restaurant, with a great service boasting breathtaking views.

immobilier ile maurice ferney valley 

7. Regatta of canoes

This flagship event of the Regatta of Mahebourg, has existed for a hundred years and is considered a great event across Mauritius. The sails of the canoes riding on the lagoon of the South East is a scene that no one can ever forget. 

immobilier ile maurice regatte

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immobilier ile maurice penthouse

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