Buying in Mauritius: an economic hotspot and a dream destination!

Buying in Mauritius: an economic hotspot and a dream destination!

By Olivier Babet


Buy in Mauritius, on this jewel located in the Indian Ocean; This is a blessing. Its summer climate almost all year round makes this island the ideal place to settle. It is one of the fifteen most beautiful islands in the world. The language barrier is almost non-existent. The French and English languages are used as vehicles. English is the national language of the country. A warm island, Mauritius is home to 145 different nationalities.


In 2019, Forbes ranked Mauritius 39th in the world as the best country to do business in. Moreover, the destination so popular with tourists remains at the top of the rankings. Economically, it is a real hub of Africa. It is ranked 16th in the world in terms of democracy. Mauritius enjoys a favourable annual economic growth of 3.8%. Several sectors are undergoing major developments. Real estate, construction and health are among them.


Real estate is booming, allowing expatriates to invest. And all this, thanks to the non-taxation of capital gains and successions. Modern infrastructure attracts investors from all over the world. Projects such as Smart City offer people and expatriates innovative employment opportunities. They also offer a better quality of life for all. The introduction of light rail in Mauritius is also an expected development. Not to mention the development of the road network. Looking for new horizons and new experiences? Buying in Mauritius is within everyone's reach. Young couples, investors, families, or retirees, your happiness is here. This island destination, where comfort and luxury meet, has a wide range of facilities.


Mauritius is a very popular destination in the health sector. The island offers a variety of state-of-the-art treatments. All this is supported by qualified personnel. For some years now, Mauritius has been experiencing a new form of tourism: medical and aesthetic tourism. Thanks to this progress, Mauritius is easily positioned as a leader in the region. In addition, with the presence of global investors in this sector, Mauritius is meeting the expectations of local and international patients.

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