Can you move during lockdown, BARNES guides you.

Can you move during lockdown, BARNES guides you.

By Olivier Babet

Lockdown: can you still move during Coronavirus?

During the period of confinement in Mauritius during Coronavirus, is a planned move still possible? At BARNES, we will try to give you as much information as possible on the subject.

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You have to move during the period of containment: is it still possible?

The answer is always yes, but it will be more complicated than in normal times.

There is currently no decree prohibiting removal companies from continuing their activities. But they have been given a list of very strict instructions and equipment to follow for the removals they are required to carry out.

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Obtaining a "Work Access permit", commonly known as WAP in Mauritius, is essential for any move, including moves companies. 

Proof of a signed lease, especially if you are subject to a deadline to leave your current accommodation, is also proof of your forced relocation. 

Take all of these documents and your travel certificate with you so that you are in order during the checks. Favour professional movers so that your move takes place in the best conditions. 

The professionals will take the necessary measures: clothing, masks, gloves, gels, taking the temperature in the morning before the departure of each team.

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There are also our consultants who have the access to move for all the necessary steps to help you with your move. Our teams at BARNES are at your disposal and can be contacted at any time to guide and advise you. 

For all your documentation, signature or bank transaction needs, use the different digital platforms to avoid unnecessary travel. 

The importance remains the respect of the rules set up by the authorities to avoid any contamination of COVID-19 during these trips.


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