Centre of Mauritius, why invest in Moka, Floréal or Curepipe?

a real estate boom in the centre of Mauritius

By Olivier Babet

Can you imagine a real estate boom in the centre of Mauritius, a region away from the island's popular paradise beaches?

An increase in real estate investment in cities such as Moka, Floréal or Curepipe, located in the centre of Mauritius, has been recorded over the past five years, thanks to developments there.

Between Smart City, cool climate, the many business centres hosting the island's largest companies and the proximity with amenities and schools, the island's centre has become the place to invest. Houses, apartments or commercial spaces in the centre of Mauritius will offer many advantages and benefits to future buyers or investors in this region.

There are a number of reasons that define the centre of Mauritius as one of the most important places to live. Here are some of the good reasons:

1. Accessibility to all regions of the island.

The centre of Mauritius, a dynamic region with a rapidly expanding and modern infrastructure, is the central point between Port Louis, Grand Bay, Tamarin and Pointe d'Esny. Access the best seaside resorts on the island in an hour or less.

2. Well-established infrastructure

Practical, comfortable and easy to use... These are some of the words that come to mind when it comes to the practicality of the centre. Residents here do not need to drive more than 10 minutes to get to schools, clinics or stores. The centre also houses many historical sites, shops and restaurants.

3. A cool climate

Moka, Floréal, Curepipe are known for their cool and temperate climates, a climate very different from the coastal regions of Mauritius. The altitude and dense vegetation of the city influence the pleasant temperatures that attract buyers and tenants - you would be surprised by the number of people in Mauritius preferring the cool weather of Moka, Floréal or Curepipe to that of the coastal regions.

4. Top of the range

For decades, Moka, Floréal or Curepipe have alone embodied elegance and prestige in all its aspects: large houses with carefully trimmed hedges, enchanting views of the mountains.


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The centre of the island is a growing region offering a residential lifestyle unlike any other in Mauritius. Contact BARNES Floréal for more information on properties for sale or for rent located in the centre of the island.