How to prepare your home for a tenant?

How to prepare your home for a tenant?


Before the arrival of a tenant, several checks and measurements are necessary. 

In the case of a seasonal rental :

  • Think about how you are going to hand over the keys to your tenants, either in person or through a friend if you are absent that day.
  • Provide your tenants with hand soap, shampoo and shower gel, toilet paper, and tea and coffee if you can.
  • It is important that the sheets are clean. Also leave clean towels in sight.
  • The accommodation must be spotlessly clean and tidy before your tenants arrive.
  • Provide a sheet that contains the following information: how to reach you during your absence, the WIFI code, the rules to be respected at home, as well as any other detail that will be useful to your tenant and that will allow them to have a good stay with you.

In the case of a long term rental :

  • A total check of the accommodation is imperative (cleanliness, state of the paintings, state of the furniture if furnished rental, good functioning of the electronic devices ...)
  • Inform the tenant of the terms and conditions for the payment of the security deposit and other related costs.
  • Print the inventory of fixtures to be carried out and the rental agreement.