How to retire in Mauritius?

How to retire in Mauritius?


Mauritius is a destination often referred to as "paradise on earth" by expatriates and locals alike. The mild, tropical climate, quality of life, warmth and general friendliness of the Mauritian people are the reasons why the country is attracting more and more visitors to live and retire in Mauritius. The political stability of the country, the development of real estate, the new and upcoming medical facilities, the sense of security and the numerous amenities are attractive reasons to spend a nice retirement in Mauritius.

For a stay of three months or less in Mauritius, a free visa is affixed to your passport on arrival by the airport immigration services, upon presentation of your return air ticket.

To spend your retirement in Mauritius, you must apply for a Residence Permit.

You have 3 different possibilities to obtain this Residence Permit:

  1. The "Retired Non-Citizen" Permit
  2. Residence Permit for investors purchasing real estate for a minimum of 500,000 USD in one of the programs reserved for foreigners
  3. Residence permit for a person who occupies a house dedicated to people over 50 years old approved by the EDB

Conditions for obtaining a"Retired Non-Citizen" Permit
In order to be eligible for the residence permit reserved for retirees, you will have to prove to the EDB:

  • be at least 50 years old, without having to be officially retired in your country of origin,
  • to transfer a minimum amount of 1 500 USD to a bank account opened in your name in a bank in Mauritius,
  • to pay monthly an amount of 1,500 US Dollars into the said account, or 18,000 USD in a year, for three years,
  • not to repatriate these funds, except in the case of cancellation of the permit,
  • not to work and be paid by a Mauritian company,
  • to provide a medical certificate, after examinations made on the spot in Mauritius,
  • and finally, to pay a processing fee.

To apply for the Retired Non-Citizen permit, visit the Economic Development Board Mauritius website: