Living and investing in a Smart City

Living and investing in a Smart City


In 2015, the Mauritian government launched the Smart City Scheme, accessible to both Mauritians and non-Mauritians : a mixed-use real estate development program integrating office, residential, offices, commercial, educational and medical spaces as well as a leisure component. The pillars of the Smart City Scheme are: innovation, sustainability, efficiency and quality of life.

In 2007, the ENL Group, one of the main Mauritian conglomerates, launched its real estate arm, ENL Property, which will become the spearhead of Moka's Smart City development. Moka has evolved from a small coffee-growing town to a smart city with international influence. The city is evolving every day through a process of "citysmarting". This process allows for the continuous rethinking and improvement of the city's master plan and its facilities in order to better respond to the evolving needs of citizens and daily users.

Eventually, many offices will also be built and available for purchase, such as The Echo offices, or for rent, such as the offices available at Les Fascines.

BARNES Mauritius, as a privileged partner of ENL, is at your disposal to assist you in your investment in this project, the largest real estate one in Mauritius.


Investing in Mauritius, a country with a soft tax system, an ideal geographical location, a high level of infrastructure and a great quality of life, guarantees you access to a unique living environment. Investing in Moka is the guarantee of a significant return on investment in a city located in an economic basin that represents 70% of the purchasing power in Mauritius. Over the past 10 years, the city of Moka has an average rental yield of 9.5% on offices, and 6.5% on residences, as well as an average capital gain of 7% per year on residences.

Moka smart city, which will extend over 10km from Bagatelle to Verdun, will offer a unique lifestyle. The Bagatelle shopping center, the largest shopping center in Mauritius. In addition, there will be many developments and infrastructures such as the Martial Noël Park.


In addition, the city evolves every day through a process of "citysmarting". This process allows us to continually rethink and improve the city's master plan and its equipment in order to better respond to the evolving needs of citizens and daily users.

In Moka, citysmarting is based on four key objectives:

  1. Optimal use of resources

In order to preserve environmental qualities and improve urban quality, Moka Smart City relies on innovative solutions guided and inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - specifically Goal #11: "Sustainable Cities and Communities". This is put into practice by promoting eco-responsibility for sustainable development, improving road connectivity, seeking mobility and public transport solutions, and developing smart urban planning with efficient open space management. 

  1. Improving the quality of life

Moka is committed to being an open and responsive city through effective collaboration with the community and government. Permanent dialogue with the surrounding villages and local authorities, social initiatives and a collective are established. The Moka'mwad collective is a citizen initiative that brings together old and new residents since 2018, with the objective of incorporating the needs and desires of the residents in the construction of tomorrow's community life, in a city they have chosen, which will be theirs and their children's

  1. The involvement of key stakeholders

Moka develops in harmony with the nature that surrounds it. It encourages and facilitates a healthy lifestyle and vibrant local life. As a cosmopolitan city in the making, it offers a wide range of leisure, shopping and entertainment options to its residents and users. With quality landscaping and a youthful, open-minded spirit, Moka is a city that looks to the future.

  1. Creating economic opportunities

Moka is a city where businesses benefit from quality infrastructures, which are conducive to investment and the creation of new poles of activity and excellence. With state-of-the-art tools and smart initiatives as well as connectivity unmatched anywhere on the island, it enables and encourages innovation. The multiplication of business parks contributes to the creation of an ecosystem conducive to business development.

Here are some of the smart initiatives that have been completed, are underway and are planned for the future:

  • Waste sorting

  • Public drinking water fountains

  • Sustainable mobility, towards smart and green solutions (electric bikes and scooters, Moka Shuttle, carpooling ...)

  • Installation of solar panels

  • Internet of Things (IoT) platform