Mahébourg all in flavours

Mahébourg all in flavours

By Lisa Vial

Mahébourg is a charming coastal village on the Southeastern coast of Mauritius, bordered by one of the most beautiful lagoons on the island. The small town preserves a picturesque and enchanting aspect thanks to its historical past. Future residents of Pointe d'Esny Le Village, discover this neighbouring region from a new angle: its flavours.

The ingenious Mauritian start-up Taste Buddies has been organizing culinary tours since 2017, to explore Mauritius in a different way. The company was founded by Céline Planel and Nicolas Lagesse. Inspired by their many travels and their love for Mauritius, they were convinced that the secret of tourism lies in discovering the Truth.

When you go on an exploration trip to Mahébourg with Taste Buddies, tour guides Adrien and David will reveal the coastal village’s history in a friendly atmosphere, to enjoy with family, friends or as a couple.

Throughout the Mahébourg Village Food Tour, you are introduced to unique, local flavours. From sweet to savoury, Taste Buddies will find you the best street food shops, always accompanied by a well-found historical anecdote.

All around you? The clear blue of the ocean, La Chaux river, bright colours of the markets and scents of fresh fishing, promising you a delightful treat.

Taste Buddies’ charm lies in its secret treasures... “Mangouak”, revisited “gato pima” or authentic “ice lollies”, this visit makes you a promise: to taste delicious dishes never tasted before.

BARNES Mauritius recommends this amazing food tour and wishes you a happy World Food Day!

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