Mauritius and Covid-19, what are the entry conditions to the territory?

Mauritius and Covid-19, what are the entry conditions to the territory?


Since 1st October 2020, Mauritius has reopened its borders to Mauritians, residents and all tourists travelling to Mauritius for long stays, with the condition of a mandatory quarantine on arrival, and this until at least mid-January.

The trip

All passengers (including children and babies) travelling to Mauritius will be required to wear a mask at the airport and during the entire flight. They will also be required to present the following documents in order to be able to board:

1. The result of a negative PCR test performed between 5 and 7 days before the boarding date;
2. A valid airline ticket (for tourists, a return ticket is mandatory);
3. A proof of payment of the quarantine mandatory.

Upon arrival at the Mauritius airport, after passing through customs, you will be required to hand in the self-declaration of health form and the locator form at the Ministry of Health counters and then undergo a PCR test. The forms will be given to you on the plane, but you can also download them by clicking on the previous links. The tourist visa, obtained upon arrival at the airport, is valid for 3 months and is renewable once. You can nevertheless benefit from the new Premium Visa for tourists, for a renewable period of one year. More information here.

About quarantaine

In order to preserve Mauritius from its covid-free status, a mandatory quarantine has been put in place for all newcomers to the Island. This 14-day quarantine is not free of charge and must be carried out in one of the hotels approved by the authorities. It must be booked in advance, and it is possible to book it more than a month before the trip. The different hotels and availability vary according to the fortnightly periods, the dates of arrival in Mauritius and the place of embarkation.

You can book your quarantine on the official online booking platform of the MPTA: You have the choice between several hotels at different rates: 3-star hotels at about 1000€ per person, 4-star hotels at about 1800€ per person, and 5-star hotels at about 3300€ and more per person. Rates vary according to availability, reservation period, number of persons, type of room, etc ... The rate includes transfer from the airport to the hotel, accommodation during the 14 days of quarantine, meals included, and the sanitary fees for the mandatory PCR tests.

Upon arrival at the airport of Mauritius, a shuttle bus will transfer you to your hotel with the other passengers who have chosen the same hotel as you. Then you will go to your room, which you will not be able to leave during the whole quarantine period. It will not be possible for you to go to the swimming pool or the beach. Meals will be brought directly to your door. A cleaning kit will be provided to avoid any contact.

Concerning the follow-up of your health condition, the medical team will visit you morning and evening to take your temperature. In addition, a PCR test will be performed after 7 days of quarantine, then a second one on the fourteenth day. In case one of the three tests is positive, you will be taken care of and transferred by the Mauritian government to a hospital. After a successful quarantine, you will finally be able to leave the hotel to fully enjoy our island!