A Centre, 4 charming boutiques

A Centre, 4 charming boutiques

By Lisa Vial

If the Centre of Mauritius is known for its freshness and its sequential rains, it also shelters picturesque boutiques of style. For many, living in the Centre also means avoiding some of the warm temperatures summer brings to the island. With Curepipe’s occasional rainy weather, you might happily end up exploring the region's sheltered settings: florists, fashion boutiques, jewellers, interior decoration and collectibles shops. Let's discover these secret treasures the Centre holds:

The scent of a rose

As you explore the Centre of Mauritius, you will cross paths with many florists who maintain their most beautiful plants in the mild temperatures of this region. Let your day turn into an olfactory walk. Among these florists, Le Lys Doré in Curepipe presents its creations on the Garden road. Specialised in events such as weddings, christenings or gala evenings, the boutique will seduce your senses with a range of exotic flowers, arranged in beautifully unique bouquets.

The softness of cashmere

The Centre of the island can be distinguished by a noble material: cashmere. Many residents and visitors go out of their way specifically in search for this precious fabric. Make your way to Cashmere Polo Club boutique and discover clothes entirely knitted in cashmere for children, women and men, with more than a hundred models. The fabric is exclusively Mauritian and will not definitely disappoint.

The shine of a diamond

Mauritius offers the most glamourous mineral the earth has created, constantly attracting visitors: diamonds. Adamas can be considered to be the diamond temple of Floréal and offers spectacular pieces, suitable for all tastes. Symbol of purity and invincibility, the past of this mineral is told in a museum nearby, also ensuring a beautiful journey into the History of Mauritius.

The charm of a unique craft

In connection with the History of Mauritius, model ship craftsmen are numerous on the island and make this branch of local talent shine. These wooden treasures require long hours of work and talent. Whether it be just out of curiosity or a wish to acquire an exceptional item, visit Bobato's charming boutique in Curepipe. Ships in teak, rosewood or mahogany... Discover the fabulous boats that once sailed on our oceans.

To enjoy the comforting freshness of the Centre and the proximity to inimitable boutiques, we offer you this magnificent penthouse located in Curepipe, offering 3 spacious rooms with balconies, a large loft-like living room, as well as a breathtaking view over the mountains.

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