Real estate, a safe haven in times of crisis

Real estate, a safe haven in times of crisis

By Olivier Babet

The world is going through a health and economic crisis of unprecedented magnitude due to the exponential spread of COVID 19. Confined countries, shut down economies, uncertain and complicated resumption of activities, these are things we never dared to imagine.

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And then there are the heroes of this fight, the medical personnel, who are fighting tirelessly. And all those who help to provide essential services (pharmacists, shopkeepers, cashiers, drivers, garbage collectors, security services, etc.). We pay tribute to them. 

The big question remains: What real estate after the health crisis caused by COVID-19? 

We are all wondering about the future of the real estate market. Especially the top-of-the-range real estate of which BARNES has become a reference. But after having gone through this very dark period, the indicators allow us to see that high-end real estate is holding up, and continues to hold up. Transactions have certainly slowed down, but have never stopped. The number of cancellations or withdrawals is low; downward pressure on prices remains limited to a very small margin in Mauritius. 

Equity markets are very volatile and uncertain, but high-end real estate is confirming its status as a safe haven. Owning a high quality property in times of crisis brings a sense of security and safety. Stone proves to be an invaluable asset in the event of an ordeal.

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And then there are the undeniable factors that we find in the large real estate agencies of which BARNES MAURITIUS is a part, which remain crucial to wise real estate investment;

  • Knowledge of the local market and the land
  • A clear vision of the environment
  • The quality of its expertise and the scope of its services
  • Continuity in the offer of personalized services despite the circumstances
  • The availability of its experts for an informed accompaniment
  • An experience in going through previous global crises.
  • A constantly updated global vision


Today, as tomorrow, we continue to accompany you and guide you in your choices. Let's go through these uncertain times together, we will come out of them stronger, together.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.