Real estate in Mauritius, a growing market

Real estate in Mauritius, a fast-growing market

By Olivier Babet

Real estate in Mauritius is a booming market. Faced with a growing population and a growing demand from Mauritians and foreign investors, the real estate market in Mauritius is still flourishing. The choice of buyers is more oriented towards sophisticated neighbourhoods. Prestigious domains such as AKASHA, ANAHITA or AZURI continue to attract many expatriates. The west, north and east are on the rise, but the centre of the island is not insignificant. The projects located in these regions will certainly highlight the authentic, natural and modern side of the island. It is the guarantee of a new experience where you will find a change of scenery and peace of mind in an invigorating setting.

Recently in Paris to promote the destination, BARNES Mauritius was alongside the promoters of AKASHA, ANAHITA and AZURI. The conference aimed to highlight the advantages of real estate investment on this island, often considered only for its tourist attractions.

Mauritius has developed into a real business centre. Offering quality health services, shops and international schools, the island aligns itself with the world market as a true high-end destination. More than ten thousand French people have therefore chosen to live on an island where taxation and the environment are advantageous. PDS projects, for example, offer families or pensioners the opportunity to obtain their residence permit when purchasing real estate. Among other advantages of choosing a prestigious investment in Mauritius, owners enjoy freedom of operation; that is, they can choose a property as a holiday home for a period of the year at a desired time or make this investment profitable by moving towards rental. Over the last decade, more than 1800 high-end properties have been sold to foreigners wishing to settle in Mauritius.

A wide range of properties is available to buyers who can experience an island lifestyle that blends perfectly with business and moves with the times. It is with complete confidence that future buyers make an informed choice surrounded by structured real estate agencies offering a tailor-made service to meet the desires of customers. BARNES INTERNATIONAL REALTY takes its cue from the game by accompanying the client from his arrival at the airport, to prospecting, acquisition, maintenance and even the rental management of the property.
So write a new chapter in your life in your villa in Mauritius!