Retirement in Mauritius, long term rental or purchase of property?

Retirement in Mauritius, long term rental or purchase of property?


You are retired and thinking of moving to Mauritius, but you don't know which choice to make between renting or buying a property? Both options have advantages, which we will present to you below.

Renting :

If this is your first visit to Mauritius, renting may be an interesting alternative for you. This way, you do not have to limit yourself to a single city. You will be able to explore the different regions of the Island until you find the ideal area to settle down. Renting a home can also be an economical solution. The maintenance expenses, which can be very important, are not your responsibility but that of the owner. Finally, it can also be interesting to rent a furnished apartment, which will save you from investing in furniture and having to move it every time.

Purchase :

Buying not only allows you to opt for a sustainable investment, but also to give you a great deal of freedom in terms of the layout of your property and its decoration. You will thus be able to feel completely at home. The purchase of a residence in Mauritius is certainly an important investment, but it will allow you to benefit from your own corner of paradise, and to spend beautiful days under the sun while ensuring you a serene retirement. Moreover, it will also allow you to build up a patrimony.

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