Taxation in Mauritius

Taxation in Mauritius

By Olivier Babet

Mauritius is considered as a strategic financial destination for foreign investors, hence the establishment of the international brand BARNES in the country. With its international network, BARNES International Realty, created 20 years ago and established in Mauritius since 2014.

Mauritius' tax regime is among the most advantageous in the world. Local and foreign investors as well as the Mauritian population in general benefit from this advantage. In Mauritius, there is no inheritance tax or property tax.


The country has opened access to real estate to foreigners with the aim of boosting growth in all economic sectors. The absence of capital gains tax or inheritance and succession taxes has made the real estate sector particularly attractive as it is a vehicle for permanent settlement in Mauritius to enjoy its tax advantages. The strong legal framework and political stability, combined with fiscal and non-tax incentives, Mauritius continues to attract investors from all over the world. The development of its ultramodern infrastructure, multiculturality and one of the few countries with bilingualism, places the destination still among the best in the world.

The island's tourist dynamism, its strategic location - 11 hours flight time from major European capitals - and its related conditions are favourable assets for a foreign national even if returns are not always as competitive as in other countries.

His Government had made great efforts to maintain a strong democracy and had positioned the country as a hub for Africa. Foreign investors were attracted by political stability, democratic jurisdiction, and non-double taxation agreements in place with several countries. Furthermore, the ranking of Mauritius by the World Bank in its Ease of Doing Business 2019 report - as first in Africa and twentieth internationally - has had a positive effect on the investor market, although the current trend is that most buyers in Mauritius do not come here for tax reasons, but for settlement.

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The BARNES brand continues to offer all its local and international clients real estate investment advice and support in all cases for a continuity of economic activities beneficial to the individual and the country.