Top picks of the East

Top picks of the East

By Sophie Desvaux de Marigny

The East coast of Mauritius is known to be one of the most beautiful on the Island, where multiple shades of blue intertwine to form magnificent lagoons, where a pleasant eastern breeze cools you off after a game of golf and where picturesque islets make you understand the true meaning of beauty.

Imagine… you could become one of the lucky ones to call this spectacular region home this year.

A work of art


Live within a masterpiece overlooking Poste Lafayette’s beautiful lagoon and pristine beach. With contemporary designs, harmonious décor and exquisite views, this penthouse for rent offers complete comfort and serenity.

Part of a private residence, you’ll be able to dive into the common pool and bar, when you’re not soaking in the blue sea of course.

When longing for some alone time, retreat to your private balcony and admire the view whilst absorbing the warm African sun.

Live big 

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Searching for something grand? This luxury villa defines just that. It is situated in the most prestigious estate on the Island with two championship golf courses and a world class resort and spa.

Offering exquisite views onto the turquoise lagoon and one of the 18-hole golf courses, this 6-bedroom, 402 m2 glorious villa is ideal for anyone looking for a quintessential lifestyle in Mauritius.

Volcanic rock and slate tiles are some of the natural hues that are merged with the property's contemporary design allowing a perfect harmony between modernity and authenticity.


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