Localmai 24, 2019
Invest in Mauritius

As well as being a luxury lifestyle symbol, Mauritius has a multitude of first-place ranks for its economic, political and [...]

Localmai 18, 2019
The luxury of a private villa by the sea

In the heart of the Four Season residence in Anahita.... This impressive villa is part of the famous Four Seasons residences [...]

Localmai 03, 2019
Investing in the South East: discover Pointe d'Esny le Village

Interested in investing in Mauritius? Discover Pointe d'Esny le Village. Pointe d'Esny le Village is a major real estate project in [...]

Localavril 25, 2019
Grand Bassin's charming spirit

Grand Bassin is a must-see in Mauritius. Considered by Mauritians to be the most sacred place on the island, Grand Bassin, [...]

Localavril 17, 2019
Paradise beaches and blue lagoons

Mauritius' east coast, famous for its incredible white sandy beaches that line the largest lagoons with crystal clear waters, offers [...]

Localavril 03, 2019
What a view

Discover this splendid villa located on the heights of Tamarin Mountain. Inspired by the "African lodge" style, this luxury villa [...]

Localmars 25, 2019
Trip in the South of Mauritius

Ideal for a holiday with friends or family, discover this sumptuous villa located in Blue Bay, in the south-east of [...]

Localmars 19, 2019
Discover the breathtaking Northern Islands

Northern Mauritius is enchanting: it is home to countless treasures on its land and it also hides many other wonders [...]

Localmars 13, 2019
The very quiet place of Floreal

The city of Curepipe is home to a traditional architecture, which can sometimes remain of the colonial spirit. In a [...]