Localmars 06, 2019
The sweetness of the East Coast

In Mauritius, The East Coast is well known for its character and its outstanding landscapes. You will enjoy dream beaches [...]

Localfévrier 18, 2019
Beach Chic

Properties in Mauritius boast so many different architectures, designs and materials, gloriously portraying the diversity of this dynamic Island. However, [...]

Localfévrier 11, 2019
BARNES Mauritius Holiday Villas

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new seasonal rentals portfolio. Our Holiday Villas are located in all [...]

Localfévrier 06, 2019
A tropical oasis

Longing to live in a seaside neighbourhood in the North of Mauritius, quiet enough to take the time to enjoy [...]

Localjanvier 28, 2019
A breath of fresh air

As February approaches, the extreme summer heat is at its peak in the tropics. In this period, what could be [...]

Localjanvier 22, 2019
Top picks of the East

The East coast of Mauritius is known to be one of the most beautiful on the Island, where multiple shades [...]

Localjanvier 14, 2019
The west coast of Mauritius, a region like no other....

The West Coast of Mauritius is home to many havens, each as authentically beautiful as the other: Tamarin Bay where [...]

Localjanvier 07, 2019
New year, new home...

“The new year”…synonymous to new resolutions, new habits and of course new dreams. Dreaming of a new home for this [...]

Localdécembre 18, 2018
Tis the season...

 At the beginning of December, we looked at the wonderful tropical features you could create in your contemporary home for [...]