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Christmas vacations in Mauritius



As long and tough as the periods of confinement have been for the whole world, they have nevertheless made us realize that it is necessary to allow ourselves some moments of relaxation and rest. So, what would you think of breaking the daily routine and trying the unforgettable experience of a Christmas under the coconut trees?  

The incredible atmosphere and the magical ambiance of Mauritius during the holiday season are priceless: an average temperature of 29°C added to the turquoise lagoon and the overall good mood will make your stay a memorable one.  

December: The best time of the year in Mauritius  

December in Mauritius is surely the most awaited month, both by Mauritians and tourists. The tropical heat contributes greatly to the friendly atmosphere and festivities on the island. Imagine yourself, with your loved ones, feet in the sand, facing the turquoise lagoon, admiring the surrounding mountains. 

Clearly, December is the month when the heat is the most present on the island, when life is good and when beautiful memories are created to remain forever memorable. During Christmas in Mauritius, everyone is celebrating: from the locals to the many tourists. A real opportunity to experience Christmas differently.  

Christmas celebrations under the sign of activities and leisure 

Christmas in Mauritius means festivities but also activities, leisure and relaxation. It's up to you to decide which program you want to try: Mauritius adapts to all your desires and wishes. You can take the opportunity to try kitesurfing, scuba diving, long hikes with a 360° view on the island, or catamaran trips on the many small islands surrounding Mauritius, such as Ile aux Bénitiers, Ile aux Cerfs or Ile Plate. These Christmas holidays will be for you a real tropical escape, far from the greyness of winter in Europe.  

Finding a seasonal rental in Mauritius  

Such as the activities you decide to do, you can also choose the type of seasonal rental that suits you best. The north of Mauritius is known as the preferred tourist destination, while the south offers a much more peaceful environment. However, whether you are looking for a waterfront villa with private access to the beach or a penthouse overlooking the turquoise lagoon, you are sure to find what you are looking for in Mauritius.  

BARNES Mauritius guides you in your seasonal rental research

Don't wait any longer to book your seasonal rental in Mauritius in order to spend a wonderful stay with your loved ones. BARNES Mauritius offers several exceptional properties available for seasonal rental. Do not hesitate to contact us or to visit our website so one of our consultants can assist you in your search and facilitate your future stay in Mauritius.