BARNES Île Maurice
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BARNES Mauritius, partner of the Ordre de Malte Solidarity Trophy



What is the Ordre de Malte Solidarity Trophy?

The Ordre de Malte Maurice is an association with ethical and solidarity values that BARNES also defends: sharing, mutual aid and generosity.

When we talk about the Ordre de Malte Solidarity Trophy, we are talking about a competition that helps the homeless on a voluntary basis with the help of partner associations, doctors and nurses.

How is this competition organized?

The association organizes various events, including the Trophée Solidaire golf competition, and invites companies to be donors. Each donation is donated to the association and then used to purchase equipment to transport basic necessities such as food rations, blankets and care.

The efforts are constant, the motivation is shared and mutual aid is essential.

Each year, the association sets itself a higher goal. In 2022, the year of flight, BARNES as the Ordre de Malte wants to strengthen its actions to help families in need.