BARNES Île Maurice
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Pascal DUCRAY #IronMan



The values shared by Pascal Ducray make him a true BARNES athlete.  

Sports enthusiast from a very young age, Pascal started his career as a professional swimmer in Mauritius. The adrenaline, the thrill and emotions brought about by the finishing line of any race, have always been a source of motivation to him.  

It is this competitive spirit that allowed Pascal to overcome his fear of the ocean, swimming the 10 kms connecting Grand Baie to the Gunner’s Quoin.  

Always keen to take on new challenges, Pascal started running a few years ago and completed half-marathons and then marathons. Cycling was the only discipline missing for him to start triathlon and immerse into even more demanding competitions.  

He started training more fiercely to reach a good enough level to experience an Ironman: 3.8 kms swimming, 180 kms cycling and 42 kms running. 

When swimming and cycling, it’s all about managing the effort. For the marathon, you have to be rigorous, consistent and disciplined. The marathon involves 30 kms of physical fitness, 10 kms of mental power and a remaining 2 kms of determination.” 

Thanking his parents for their involvement in his sporting career and making his wife and children proud, are his main objectives, source of his motivation.  

Besides sports, Pascal is a seasoned entrepreneur boasting a portfolio of four companies. This versatility is in line with his extrovert personality; he likes to meet people, create new things, surpass himself, share his opinion, get involved..., always with a view to improve things, especially when it comes to preserving his island, which is dear to his heart and which colours he likes to defend.