BARNES Île Maurice
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Welcome to Patricia & Dominique's home sweet home

Private Visit


 MAELA is not just a house, it’s the blend of a place, a construction, an idea, an omnipresent garden, a human and personal adventure…, all united as one.” 

These are the first words uttered by Dominique, beautifully describing his spacious residence, located in Beau Champ, on the pristine Anahita Golf Course. 

After spending a few years in Africa, Patricia and Dominique decided to head for the paradise island of Mauritius. Following a couple of visits at Anahita, located on the East coast, Dominique fell in love with this plot of land made of volcanic rocks, with its natural slope going all the way down to the fairway. 

“A heap of black volcanic rocks, rolling on top of each other. A large, deep scar splits the plot in two, plunging down to the golf course. The topography of this land is unique across the whole resort!” 

Looking to share his dream with his loved ones, Dominique quickly began designing his house, putting a lot of energy into its construction. 

 I love being with the masons and carpenters. We box up a spiral staircase, we make some touch ups, we add a step; I’m exhausted, they’re exhausted… but when it’s done, the emotion just grips me!” 

The idea when building this house was to create something convivial, a place to host their friends and family and share beautiful memories. 

 An exceptional place, overlooking the golf course, only a stone’s throw from the Four Seasons. This luminous house welcomes so many of us, so generously; this pool, these small outdoor lounges, this garden and these flowers...” 

Dominique quotes Thibault de Saint Vincent, BARNES’ president, sharing his appreciation of the BARNES spirit: 

 Prestige real estate consolidates its status as a safe haven by being in constant evolution. To the quality of the environment, the security, comfort and accessibility, and the need to pass something on to future generations, lies a new luxury: space.”