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Moka Smart City in Mauritius

Moka Smart City in Mauritius

An integrated urban development in the heart of Mauritius

High-end residential development in the heart of the Mauritian economic basin

The Smart City Scheme was launched in 2015 by the Mauritian government. It includes in its implementation many regulations allowing the development of urban spaces, promoting pedestrian life. All properties under the SMS scheme are available for purchase by foreigners in Mauritius. 

 Moka is a real jewel nestled in the heart of Mauritius. Its location in the center of the country and its breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains make it a must-see place on the island.   

A very dynamic city, surrounded by a lush nature, Moka is a very coveted city on the island. With a total population of 26,000 inhabitants, Moka is located in an economic basin that is home to 40% of the active population and 70% of the purchasing power in Mauritius!   

The Moka Smart City is a project developed by the ENL group for more than 10 years!    

But what is the objective of a Smart City?    

The goal is simple: better connect the city to make it smart!  Indeed, the Smart City aims at rethinking the city to be more ecological and more responsible in order to anticipate the changes to come! 

Create your life plan in Moka:  Today, there are many projects that are developing in Moka. These different projects are available at all price points and sizes. Our BARNES Moka agency is located in the heart of Moka, in the commercial center Les Allées d'Helvétia and deals with the commercialization of numerous plots of land, penthouses, apartments and houses. Two schemes are available to you, it is possible to buy an existing property, which allows you to enjoy the city of Moka and its exceptional environment immediately. You can also buy a property for sale off plan in order to build your real estate plan according to your desires and your tastes.  

Properties to build: One of the particularities of Moka is that it is possible to acquire a residential plot of land allowing you to build your own duplex, apartment or house according to your own taste. These plots of land are accessible to all budgets and everyone will be able to realize the real estate project of their dreams (choice of materials, colors...)

Off-plan properties: There are many properties available for sale off-plan in Moka. These are available under the off plan system. There are two types of properties that can be purchased under VEFA: apartments and duplexes. These properties are offered in the different neighborhoods of Moka with different architectures (Helvetia, Telfair, Vivéa, Bagatelle, Courchamps, L'Avenir). These properties are located in high-end residences, meet environmental standards and allow for energy savings!

Offices: Eventually, many offices will also be built, and available for purchase, such as The Echo offices.

It is important to note that an investment in Smart City Moka offers many tax advantages for Mauritian non-citizens:

  •  Single tax rate of 15% for companies and individuals  
  •  No taxes on dividends, interests and capital gains 
  •  No property tax 
  •  No inheritance tax in direct line 
  •  Free repatriation of profits

In addition to these tax advantages, it is important to mention the political and economic stability of Mauritius for several years. The presence of modern infrastructures, hospitals and clinics, and renowned universities are also important elements that favor an expatriation to Mauritius, as well as the low time difference with Europe and an excellent air connection!  

All these advantages will enable future owners to make a quality investment in Mauritius in a dream destination with a mild and tropical climate throughout the year!

Why invest and live in Moka? 

Numerous sports activities such as hiking, large bicycle paths, a sports complex with swimming pools, tennis courts and a gym are present in Moka and promote meetings and well-being.  

 The place of culture in Moka is also very important, many places allow to welcome cultural events such as La Kocotte artistique, La Piazza and the Telfair Amphitheater, but also La Promenade and in the near future the Parc Martial Noël.  

Education is one of the strong points of this Smart City, with renowned establishments allowing to study from kindergarten to tertiary level. Everything is set up to ensure that the children who come to study in these structures will flourish. 

The presence of private clinics, laboratories and hospitals enabling the Smart City of Moka to have a state-of-the-art medical service. 

Restaurants and shops  

The Smart City of Moka is composed of numerous restaurants and bars, shopping centers, a market, supermarkets, various shops... all of which allow residents to enjoy a festive and lively atmosphere throughout the year, but also to have all the necessary services in close proximity to their homes! 

To recap, the Smart City of Moka is a unique program in Mauritius, allowing to answer the new environmental challenges of the island. We have made a list of the strong points of this city which make it today a place not to be missed in Mauritius:

  • Investing in Moka means investing in safe, qualitative and strategically positioned properties.
  • Ideal location near the main urban areas
  • Very well served city thanks to the development of quality road networks 
  • Numerous solutions for getting around, such as electric scooters and shuttles
  • Quality and environmentally friendly materials 
  • A reduced environmental footprint 
  • Real estate development by ENL, one of the largest groups on the island

For an investment in the Smart City of Moka, or for any question related to real estate investment in Mauritius, you can contact our BARNES Mauritius consultants here.




Les Allées d'Helvétia

80840 - Moka

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