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Mauritius in December

Mauritius, this jewel nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, is much more than just a tourist destination. It is an invitation to escape, where natural beauty combines with unparalleled cultural wealth. While the sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and lush landscapes attract thousands of travelers each year, it is in December that the island fully reveals its charm. Between the gentle summer heat and the end-of-year festivities, December presents itself as a month of wonder, a period when the island comes alive with new energy. So, why is Mauritius in December arousing so much excitement?


The idyllic climate of December

December in Mauritius marks the start of the austral summer, a season characterized by its mildness and tropical heat. During this month, visitors can expect average temperatures ranging from 25°C at night to 30°C or more during the day. This heat, enhanced by a light sea breeze, makes sunny days particularly pleasant.

Although the island is under the influence of the tropical climate, the rains in December, although more frequent than in other months, often appear in the form of short and intense downpours, especially in the late afternoon. noon or evening. These rains, far from being an inconvenience, refresh the atmosphere and revitalize the vegetation, providing an even more green and lush landscape.
It should also be noted that December is on the sidelines of the hurricane season which generally begins in January. However, cyclones directly affecting Mauritius remain rare, and the month of December is generally spared from these major disturbances.
In short, the climate in December in Mauritius is an invitation to enjoy the idyllic beaches, turquoise and warm waters, and outdoor activities, while letting yourself be lulled by the sweet melody of tropical showers.

Festivities and celebrations

The month of December is undoubtedly one of the most festive times in Mauritius. The end of the year is celebrated there with contagious excitement and joy, mixing local traditions and foreign influences in a festive atmosphere.

  • Christmas in Mauritius: Although the island is bathed in sunshine and devoid of snow, the Christmas spirit is definitely present. The streets, houses and businesses light up with a thousand lights, garlands and sparkling decorations.

  • New Year: This celebration is the climax of the December festivities. Mauritians love to party and this is reflected in the way they welcome the New Year. Fireworks, dance evenings, open-air concerts and family meals mark this transition. In the streets, traditional songs and music mix with more contemporary rhythms, creating a unique festive atmosphere.

  • Cultural and religious festivals: December also sees the celebration of certain religious festivals, depending on the calendar. Whether Hindu, Muslim, Tamil or Chinese festivities, each community brings its unique touch to the island's range of celebrations.

  • End of year markets and fairs: December is also the time when Christmas markets and craft fairs flourish. These places offer a great opportunity to discover local crafts, festive culinary specialties and find original gifts.

Mauritius in December is a veritable melting pot of festivities, reflecting its cultural diversity and spirit of unity. Each celebration is an opportunity to come together, share and continue the traditions that make this month so special and memorable.

Activities to favor in December in Mauritius

December in Mauritius is a time full of possibilities. With its summer climate and the excitement of the end-of-year holidays, many activities are available to visitors wishing to explore the island from all its angles. Here are some suggestions to make the most of this exceptional month.

  • Scuba diving: The warm waters of December are ideal for discovering the underwater wonders of the island. Flamboyant corals, multicolored fish and sometimes even dolphins, the Mauritian diving sites are an Eden for lovers of the seabed.

  • Boat excursions: Whether for a day on Gabriel Island, a catamaran trip along the coast or a game of deep-sea fishing, there are many options for those who want to enjoy the sea.

  • Visit the botanical gardens: The Pamplemousses Garden, with its exuberant fauna and flora, is particularly pleasant in December. The plants, saturated with water after the showers, blossom and offer a spectacle of colors and scents.

  • Hiking: Mauritius has many hiking trails, whether it is the Black River Gorges National Park or the Morne mountains. In December, these trails, although wetter, offer striking panoramas.

  • Gastronomic discovery: Take part in a culinary workshop or simply taste local specialties in markets and restaurants. December being a festive month, many traditional dishes appear, offering gourmets a palette of new flavors.

  • Participation in cultural events: Concerts, shows, exhibitions... the month of December is full of events highlighting the cultural richness of the island.

  • Relaxing on the beaches: Of course, we must not forget one of the main attractions of Mauritius: its idyllic beaches. Whether sunbathing, swimming or simply relaxing with a good book, Mauritius' beaches are the ideal place.

Why December is the ideal month to come to Mauritius

December in Mauritius is not just a month in the calendar. It is a period when the island shines with a special light, combining generous nature with festive excitement. Here are some reasons that make December the ideal month for a visit to Mauritius.

  • A great escape from winter: For many, December rhymes with cold and snow. In Mauritius, summer is here. It's the perfect opportunity to escape the winter gray of the northern hemisphere and recharge your batteries under the tropical sun.

  • Activities in abundance: As mentioned previously, December is rich in activities, whether cultural, sporting or gastronomic. There is something for all tastes and desires.

  • Lush vegetation: The showers of the southern summer give the Mauritian flora remarkable vitality and freshness. The landscapes are adorned with a thousand colors, offering panoramas of breathtaking beauty.

  • A cultural immersion: December is a month when the diverse traditions of Mauritius come to life in a spectacular way. This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the Mauritian cultural melting pot.

  • Attractive tourist offers: Although December is a popular month, many establishments offer special offers to attract visitors. Now is the time to take advantage of excursions or tourist packages at advantageous rates.

  • Meetings and exchanges: The sociable nature of Mauritians is heightened in December. Visitors have the opportunity to build relationships, exchange ideas and experience authentic moments, far from traditional tourist circuits.

Seasonal rental in December in Mauritius

The month of December in Mauritius rhymes with summer heat, sunny beaches and end-of-year festivities. In this context, seasonal rentals are experiencing particular excitement, making this period a strategic moment for owners and an unforgettable experience for tenants.
December marks the start of the high season in Mauritius. With the southern summer in full swing, the island is becoming a popular destination for tourists looking to escape the cold winters of the northern hemisphere.
Thus, the influx of tourists leads to a high demand for seasonal rentals in Mauritius, from luxurious beachfront villas to cozy city apartments.

December in Mauritius is a dynamic period for seasonal rentals. Whether you are an owner looking to maximize your income or a tenant looking for a pied-à-terre in this heavenly corner and wishing to invest in real estate in Mauritius? Do not hesitate to contact one of our BARNES Mauritius real estate agencies so that our advisors can present our exclusive offers to you!