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How to choose an ideal real estate program when you want to invest in an apartment or a new villa in Mauritius?



Investing in Mauritius is recognized as a reliable investment that will allow you to realize a capital gain or to enjoy advantageous rental yields in the long term. To invest in an apartment or a new villa, it is important to find a serious and recognized developer on the Mauritian market. That is why our agency offers its customers a wide range of new properties to acquire. Our BARNES consultants are used to working with several developers for many years. We will therefore be able to accompany you to reliable promoters realizing quality constructions!

Today in Mauritius there are certain rules in place to be able to acquire a property. For Mauritian citizens, all properties on the market are available for purchase. For foreign investors, the situation is different: there are now different real estate programs that allow you to acquire a property in Mauritius, whether it is the IRS program (Integrated Resort Scheme), the RES program (Real Estate Scheme), the PDS program (Property Development Scheme) or the R+2 program (buildings with a minimum of two floors) ... most of these programs are in place and benefit foreign investors wishing to settle and buy a property in Mauritius!

The choice of your real estate program depends on several factors. First of all it is important to know if you want to be a simple owner or if you want to acquire the resident permit in Mauritius:

Simple owner: With no minimum amount, you will just have to make an investment with one of the real estate programs we have seen above. This investment will allow you to enjoy the island for a maximum of 6 months during the year and also to generate rental income the rest of the year.

Obtaining a resident permit: In most programs, a minimum investment of $375,000 will be required to obtain this residency permit for you and your family.

Depending on your real estate project, you can choose a property in a program built by a developer with a proven track record in the sector you are looking for: luxury, pied-à-terre, rental investment...

At BARNES Mauritius, we have privileged partnerships with many developers, both Mauritian and foreign, who are aware of our expertise and who trust us to sell the properties of their new programs. We therefore have a relationship of mutual trust with these developers, and we know all the advantages of the programs they offer but also their disadvantages. Our priority remains the ultimate satisfaction of our clients.

Our BARNES experts are at your disposal to accompany you during your real estate project and to explain to you in detail and in a personalized way the program which will correspond to you best. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.