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How to find a villa in Mauritius?

Do you want to find a villa in Mauritius to rent or to buy?

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It is not always easy to know where to look for information in a country that you don’t really know. Many foreign investors are looking for a villa that combines excellence and prestige. Mauritius has a growing property portfolio with many villas.

How to start your search for a villa in Mauritius?

To find a villa in Mauritius, it is first necessary to establish a list of essential criteria that will help narrow down the search. Indeed, some criteria are correlated such as location and price. Thus, prioritizing these criteria allows for a significant advance in the search stage. Among the important criteria that are frequently found for a rental, or a purchase are: location, budget, furnishings, number of bedrooms, view, brightness, garden with swimming pool, etc.

Once the request is more detailed, it will serve as a guideline during the search and analysis of offers. At the same time, it is important to get an idea of the state of the property market. Thus, looking at the windows of the BARNES agencies, subscribing to the BARNES Newsletter or looking at the new properties on the social networks LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube allow you to be aware of the local market prices and to become familiar with the vocabulary and the rules of the Mauritian real estate.

How to optimize your search for a villa in Mauritius?

When searching for a property for sale or rent, there are several filters on the BARNES Mauritius website to optimize your search and reduce the number of offers. In addition, our consultants act as advisors in your real estate plans. Our team of 20 BARNES consultants, spread over 5 agencies in Mauritius, are perfectly aware of the state of the real estate market on the island.

Our BARNES consultants will explain the details of real estate investmentin Mauritius. They will be able to assist you with the administrative procedures, thanks to our numerous partners, particularly in the banking and insurance sectors. The future buyer, if he is not a Mauritian citizen, must first apply to the Economic Development Board (EDB) for authorization to purchase. Although the local authorities have made it easier in recent years to acquire a property in Mauritius, the administrative procedures remain an essential step and often require the assistance of professionals.

What are the advantages of buying a villa in Mauritius?

Apart from enjoying the exceptional beauty of Mauritius and taking advantage of its paradisiacal living environment, you can also benefit from the advantageous taxation system when you become a homeowner. Mauritius has a single tax rate of 15%. Also, there is no tax on dividends, capital gains, inheritance, and wealth. Finally, to allow an easier integration in Mauritius and its economic fabric, the Mauritian government issues the status of Permanent Resident on the Island as soon as a property with a minimum amount of $375,000 is obtained through a Property Development Scheme (PDS), Smart City Scheme (SCS), or G+2 (building with more than two floors) ...

Our BARNES Mauritius team is at your disposal to assist you in your real estate plans throughout Mauritius. Do not hesitate to contact us and specify the purpose of your request.