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Why buy a property off-plan in Mauritius?

In recent years, multiple estates have appeared in Mauritius, in which several apartments or houses are available off-plan. Many foreigners invest in off-plan apartments and houses in Mauritius, whether to enjoy their retirement, for a rental investment or to spend a great vacation on the island.


What does off-plan mean?

When you buy a property off-plan, it means that the property is under construction and that you will buy on plan. You will therefore have all the necessary documents to plan your purchase, such as the exact dimensions and plans of the property. Off-plan properties are generally made available by the promoters, who often offer 3-dimensional visits to help the future owner get an overview of the property. BARNES work with different promoters who are building developments such as Heritage Villas Valriche or Moka Smart City.

Why buy off-plan?

To buy off-plan allows you to become the owner of a new property and to be the first to live there. The apartment or house you buy can be personalized according to your desires. If you want a typical layout or decoration, everything is possible and can be considered with the developer. This also allows you to have the promoters' guarantees according to the contract you have signed. The payment will also be done by term which will allow you to pay in several times. Generally, the payment is calculated as a percentage of the total price with reservation fees, and deadlines during the progress of the work. You can find the payment schedule in more detail here.

Buy a property in Mauritius : How to save money?

Buying an apartment or house in Mauritius allows you to make considerable savings in the long term. Indeed, when you decide to buy a property off-plan, you are guaranteed not to have any unpleasant surprises or hidden defects. In addition, compared to a conventional home, you will have an apartment or house that is fully guaranteed, with lower maintenance costs. In general, new homes are equipped with state-of-the-art insulation, which gives you the assurance of considerable energy savings in the long term. Finally, when buying off plan, the percentage of the notary's fees and the VAT are reduced.

How does an apartment or house sold off plan respect the environment?

The majority of new houses or new apartments built in Mauritius respect a strict environmental approach. Indeed, multiple standards are respected to allow the housing to benefit from a low footprint on the environment. By making this type of buying decision, you are making a considerable commitment to the environment.

Our BARNES team works with quality and reliable developers. All of the developers we work with are partners with whom we have worked for many years. We have carefully selected them by taking into account different factors: the quality of the projects, the price and the customer service. Do not hesitate to contact our team for more information concerning a VEFA purchase project.