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Live in Mauritius

Live in Mauritius

Mauritius is a world-famous tropical destination that can be called a paradise on Earth. Every year, many expatriates try the adventure and come to settle on this beautiful island of 1.3 million inhabitants

The island, with its numerous resources and its tropical climate, offers a real quality of life. With its beaches as far as the eye can see, turquoise lagoons and upscale real estate developments, Mauritius is a dream at your fingertips. 

There are also world-renowned championship golf courses designed by world-renowned architects, ranging from 9 to 18 holes to meet the expectations of all golf enthusiasts. Mauritius, besides being a golfing destination, is home to some of the most beautiful kitesurfing spots, in each region of the Island.

Over time, Mauritius has attracted many expatriates and has therefore developed its tourism industry. The island has been enriched by the country’s economic development. Tourism is no longer limited to the borders of coastal hotels, but extends to the discovery of the flourishing culture and biodiversity of Mauritius. 

The Mauritian population is multicultural, mixing Indian, African, European and Chinese influences in all aspects of the cultural elements: architecture, food, fashion, art and language.We find this multiculturalism wonderfully in cities such as Port-Louis, the capital, Mahebourg, the former capital, or Grand Baie and Flic-en-Flac, where the shows of colors, smell and sounds are deliciously experienced. 

The variety of historical monuments tells the journey from Mauritius over time with the presence of colonial houses, ports, ruins and other historic sites.

Known as a volcanic island, Mauritius is also home to endemic flora and fauna found in the island’s protected reserves, as well as its unique cultural and historical character: The Isle aux Aigrettes, the Black River Gorges National Park or the Blue Bay Marine Park. The island’s mountain ranges, islets and coral reefs depict its abundant but delicate biodiversity in an inimitable work of art.

Each of the island’s regions offers a different lifestyle. Thanks to its multitude of landscapes and its different regions, each lifestyle is represented and it is easy to find happiness. BARNES Mauritius offers you a portfolio of high-end properties very diverse, ranging from the villa or penthouse by the sea, to a luxury apartment in the city center or even a house with views of the mountains or the river.

Combining luxury and modernity, the island brings together modern infrastructures and roads, private clinics, very good international schools and benefits from many air routes. There is a strong community of expatriates, who came to enjoy the many advantages of the island and the low jet lag.

Regardless of your plan, whether it’s settling down to live with your family, coming to work on the island or simply spending your retirement peacefully, BARNES will adapt to your request and help you find the most suitable property.