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Rental Investment : The Complete Guide by BARNES



In response to the health and economic crisis that has hit the world for more than a year, many people want to invest in order to generate income and not feel financially threatened. This behavior is quite understandable, indeed, we are going through a difficult economic period and many households feel threatened by this financial crisis.

In order to anticipate and reassure themselves, what could be better than investing and generating rental income? Even better, what could be better than investing in real estate? Indeed, it is a safe investment that will allow you to generate monthly income without effort!

What is a rental investment?

A rental investment can be translated by the fact of acquiring a property and of putting it in rent on the real market. This rental generates rental yields and allows you to build a real estate portfolio.

What are the objectives of a rental investment ?

BARNES Mauritius is an expert in rental investment. Thanks to our experience, we can affirm today that a rental investment has many advantages such as the reduction of your taxes or the acquisition of a residence permit for example. Moreover, in order to prepare for your retirement, it is very important to build up a real estate portfolio that will allow you to not only rely on the income you will receive during your retirement. Indeed, if you become an owner and you rent your property, the rental income will be received for life! It will therefore be a significant supplement to your retirement.

The choice of the district or the city:

The location is undoubtedly the most important characteristic for a rental investment. Indeed, depending on the location of your property, it will be more or less difficult to put your property up for rent. If your property is very well located, you can be sure that it will be rented throughout the year and you will have no trouble finding another tenant if the old one leaves. Our BARNES teams present on the whole of Mauritius will be able to help you and give you advice on the best location for your real estate project.

What surface should I choose?

In order to make a quality rental investment, it is important to consider the many characteristics of the property in which you wish to invest. The surface area is certainly one of the most important characteristics. Indeed, certain surfaces will be much more sought after than others. It is the case for the apartments which are generally very coveted by the young households, the annual gross profitability is also very interesting there. On the other hand, if you want to attract families, it is wise to choose a property with several bedrooms and possibly an exterior. Our BARNES teams are at your disposal to give you the best advice.

In conclusion, the rental investment is a safe investment that will allow you to enjoy a rental return for life. To make a quality investment, it is essential to know the real estate market and to be accompanied and advised for your project.

Our BARNES teams remain at your disposal to accompany you throughout your project.