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The advantages of buying a property in VEFA in Mauritius



What does it mean to buy a home in VEFA ? 
Buying a home in VEFA (Vente en l'Etat de Futur Achèvement) simply means that you are going to buy your property on plan. The buyer will have all the plans of the future property at his disposal, he will be able to project himself in each room and know the exact dimensions of the whole property. In addition, some developers set up 3-dimensional visits to see the final result and have a visual overview. 

A custom home :
The main advantage of buying a property in VEFA is to be able to buy a home that suits you perfectly. Indeed, it is possible to create your home according to your desires (type of kitchen, choose the color of your floor...) depending on the options available.

Long-term savings :
Buying a new property is a guarantee of long-term savings. Indeed, there will be no bad surprises or hidden defects. The apartment will be fully guaranteed and maintenance costs will be lower than in a conventional home. New housing is equipped with the latest insulation, which allows considerable savings in terms of energy in the long term. In addition, it is important to know that when you buy in VEFA, the percentage of the notary's fees are reduced and you will also benefit from a reduction of the VAT.

Staggered payment of the price :
You will be able to pay for your property in instalments at the rate of the calls for funds. Indeed, you will pay different payments (payment at the completion of the foundations, completion of the building ...) which will allow you to organize yourself as well as possible for the payment of your property.

Make a secure payment :
In Mauritius, as in many countries, the payment for your VEFA property will be made in front of a notary which secures all the steps of the transaction. A signature will take place at the notary's office which will transmit to you the property rights of the seller.

Guarantees at the time of purchase :
According to the Mauritian civil code, the apartment will have all the necessary guarantees and in particular the decennial guarantee which allows the buyer to be compensated in case of defects or major problems that affect the structure of the building. There are also many other guarantees such as the guarantee of completion of the building or guarantees of reimbursement of sums paid in the event of major problems.

A home that respects the environment : 
All new homes built in Mauritius are environmentally friendly. Numerous standards are respected allowing the housing to have a low ecological footprint on the environment. For all those who embark on this type of project, it is a considerable commitment to the environment that allows them to acquire a property while respecting the environment.