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What are the advantages of buying a beachfront villa in Mauritius?



One of the advantages of buying a villa in Mauritius is that it is possible to own a property that faces the sea. What could be better than waking up every morning and going to bed every night facing the turquoise sea and the long sandy beaches?

Where to live a peaceful retirement?

Mauritius is known for its idyllic living environment, the friendliness of its inhabitants and the safety of the country make it a very sought after place. This is why many retirees decide to invest on the island to fully enjoy their retirement in the sun. Most often, they opt for a waterfront apartment or penthouse to be close to the ocean and to enjoy a magnificent view every day of the year. 

What are the tax advantages for buying a house in Mauritius?

Buying a property in Mauritius also allows you to benefit from the Permanent Resident Permit, which gives you the right to many tax advantages. This permit is valid for 3 years and after this period, the retiree can apply for a renewal for 10 years. 

To be eligible for the Permanent Residence Permit, the retiree must be at least 50 years old, have a bank account in Mauritius and make a minimum annual transfer of 54,000 USD, or approximately 47,700 € (figures dated 31/12/2021). The procedures are to be carried out on the government website directly. 

The health crisis does not seem to be a brake for foreigners. Indeed, Mauritius remains a very popular destination, surely thanks to its tropical climate and its purchasing power which remains much higher than in Europe. By moving to Mauritius, retirees can take full advantage of restaurants, heavenly beaches, cinemas, gyms, shopping malls etc.

Is buying a villa on the waterfront a good investment?

Buying a beachfront villa in Mauritius is a safe investment, without risks. We can see that a frontline property does not lose value over time, on the contrary its value increases as the years go by. This is why it is a very interesting purchase that will allow you to realize a capital gain in the future years. Moreover, if you wish to make a rental investment, it is a very good operation. Indeed, we notice that all the houses located on the waterfront are rented very easily and at prices that allow a very interesting return on investment.  

Our BARNES Mauritius team is at your disposal to accompany you during your real estate project. For any information, do not hesitate to contact us.