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What are the advantages to buy a house in Mauritius?



Buying a house in Mauritius is a project that more and more people from all over the world are doing. Why not try a new life experience? Thanks to its many advantages, Mauritius is today a very attractive place which seduces more and more people wishing to come and settle there.

What kind of houses are available in Mauritius?

With the reopening of the borders, economic activity is picking up. Transactions and rentals of houses on the island are constantly increasing. Our BARNES Mauritius team works hand in hand with many developers who build quality and environmentally friendly homes. To buy a house in Mauritius, the diversity of the real estate stock allows everyone to find his happiness according to his preferences and desires.

What is the living environment in Mauritius?

It's not a secret that the lifestyle and living conditions in Mauritius are heavenly. Between the long sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons and beautiful mountain ranges, Mauritius is a dream come true. The mild and tropical climate throughout the year is also appreciated. This lifestyle is an undeniable advantage taken into account by many investors to buy a house in Mauritius.

What is the tax system in Mauritius?

There are many tax advantages that push investors to buy a house in Mauritius. After being affected by the international crisis, the economic activity is revived and it is currently very interesting to make a real estate investment. Between the low tax rate, the non-taxation on a capital gain, many advantages are to be taken into consideration when you buy a house in Mauritius. The tax system is very advantageous, which favors a real estate investment project.

What is the political and economic climate in Mauritius?

Since its independence in 1968, Mauritius has enjoyed unfailing political and economic stability. Like anywhere else in the world, the Covid-19 health crisis had a severe impact on the economic climate for almost two years. In recent months, real estate activity has picked up. Indeed, the government has put in place many actions to facilitate access to property for non-Mauritian citizens. The procedures for buying a house in Mauritius are therefore simplified. The economic and political climate for the coming years is very encouraging.

Our team BARNES Mauritius is present on the whole island. We are at your disposal for any information or to accompany you in a project to buy a house in Mauritius. Do not hesitate to contact us here.