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What are the questions to ask yourself before buying a property?



What are the different steps of a real estate acquisition ? How to find the property of your dreams ? What is the cost of living in Mauritius ? How to prepare efficiently the viewing of a house in Mauritius ? BARNES Mauritius is at your side to accompany you through the different stages of a real estate purchase, whether it is your first real estate purchase or you wish to repeat the experience of a real estate purchase

How to settle in Mauritius?

Many people are attracted by this destination, located in the west of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius. In order to settle in Mauritius, it is recommended to plan a budget covering all expatriation expenses. BARNES Mauritius provides you with the necessary advice to make your daily life in Mauritius a success: whether you want to telework in Mauritius, take a Christmas vacation on the island or enjoy your retirement under the sun.

How to buy a house in Mauritius?

The BARNES Mauritius team offers you more than 600 unique properties. Numerous houses are available for sale in the four corners of the country: Our BARNES Mauritius team will assist you in preparing your real estate loan application.

Our exclusive offer includes the best houses for sale in Mauritius, valued according to precise criteria. Above all, it is important to define a list of questions to ask during a first viewing of a property and also to anticipate the related costs. Finally, have you ever wondered whether it is better to buy a house in Mauritius or to build one? 

Buying a house in Mauritius has many advantages. BARNES Mauritius gives you the 3 keys to a successful real estate purchase in Mauritius. 

What to know about buying an apartment in Mauritius?

Investing in Mauritius has many advantages for buyers. Whether it is an off-plan purchase or a purchase of an existing property, there are many tax advantages. Our BARNES Mauritius experts work in collaboration with many developers and can help you choose the Real Estate Development that suits you best. 

How to buy a villa in Mauritius?

Mauritius is a premium destination where you have to take into account the trends and evolution in real estate prices. To buy a villa in Mauritius, you need to ask yourself 5 essential questions and foresee possible additional costs.