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How to promote your property for rent in Mauritius?



Why rent out your property in Mauritius?

Mauritius is a very touristic destination that welcomes many visitors every year. The island has many attractive advantages to rent for a stay. It is a tropical island with the infrastructure of a modern country: clinics, airport, international schools, businesses, commerce, tourism... The island has almost the same time zone as Europe (GMT+4). It is also a democratic and peaceful country. Finally, Mauritius offers a paradise-like environment with all kinds of water sports, some of the best kitesurfing spots in the world, fishing, beautiful landscapes, championship golf courses...

Known for its fine sandy beaches and tropical climate, Mauritius is also very multicultural. Thus the Mauritian diaspora, which numbers about 300,000 people scattered mainly in Great Britain, France, Canada and South Africa, is also present in terms of rental demand. It therefore has a role to play not only in the Mauritian economy, but also in the migration of people to Mauritius and the demand on the rental market.

Thus, Mauritius has a high turnover, which allows you to rent out your property without worrying too much about the state of the market. Indeed, the demand remains high and the offers are also very diversified.

Finally, if this island has many advantages for tenants, you should know that renting out your property in Mauritius also has its benefits. Mauritius' low tax rate ensures that personal and corporate taxes are capped at 15%, and that there is no wealth tax, capital gains tax, dividend tax or housing tax. Mauritius is therefore experiencing a sale-rental phenomenon allowing a rental income of between 3 and 4% for second home owners.

Why develop your property for rental?

Mauritius is experiencing a strong increase in the number of its dwellings. The rental market in Mauritius is very diversified and suits all profiles. Apart from houses, people interested in renting can opt for flats in the city centre, waterfront villas, golf courses or in PDS-type programmes, penthouses, etc.

The demand is mainly for cities where the criteria are attractiveness but also security and affordability. The formula adopted can be a single apartment or a shared apartment. Also, furnished properties are more easily rented, usually to expatriates for the duration of their posting on the Island. The price range varies greatly depending on many criteria (location, finishes, modernity, amenities of the residence...) and is therefore not dependent on a price per square meter.

The comfort, the great freedom and the services offered à la carte allow people choosing a rental to live their trip on Mauritian soil without any constraints.

Thus, knowing the market trends but also the assets of your property will allow you to promote it on the Mauritian market. BARNES Mauritius real estate experts will be able to guide you in your project.

How do you go about staging your property in Mauritius?

Enhancing the value of your property will ensure a constant demand and an assured rental investment. BARNES Mauritius will help you to put your property up for rent and will ensure that it is promoted. Indeed, BARNES allows you to promote your property on the local and international market and to advise you in setting the rent which will contribute to its development on the market. The BARNES Mauritius team, if you use our complementary service BARNES Property Management, facilitates the rental management and takes care of the administrative/commercial aspect by sending the rental notices and receipts, by ensuring the collection and indexation of rents and the renewal and termination of leases. In addition, our team will also take care of accounting and maintenance, including payment of service provider invoices, provision of a statement of account and management of repairs and maintenance contracts.

Our consultants at BARNES Mauritius are at your disposal for any rental property project or any additional information on the development of your property. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information or request a free quote.