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Why choose to rent in Mauritius?



Why choose Mauritius for a stay in a rental property?

Long-term or seasonal rental in Mauritius has many advantages. Mauritius welcomes many tourists every year and is one of the top destinations for short to medium term sunny stays. Apart from the friendliness of the Mauritians, the island has a rich culture and a unique heritage that will please many. Renting offers many advantages, including greater autonomy.

What are the advantages of renting in Mauritius?

There is a tendency to compare renting and owning a property, thinking that renting has more disadvantages than advantages. However, renting an apartment or a villa has just as many benefits as buying. More and more locals and foreigners are opting to rent. The diversity of rental properties offers a wide choice across the island. Renting a villa, an apartment or other types of accommodation can be accompanied by a rental car to enjoy complete independence. This option is often less expensive than renting from a hotel chain and often allows you to enjoy the Mauritian way of life.

Renting is also advantageous for foreign students who spend one or more semesters studying or doing an internship in Mauritius. Living in a shared apartment allows you to meet many expectations and to live a unique experience on the island. The choice of property is also very wide and can range from a beachfront villa to a city centre apartment.

The rental investment in Mauritius allows a great flexibility and adapts to all kinds of profiles whatever the period of the year. It can be done on a monthly basis which allows a reduction on the overall price. The rental is then very advantageous for the tenants. Find all the properties available for rent here.

How to benefit from a greater autonomy thanks to property rental in Mauritius?

While many hotels offer all-inclusive packages for convenience, renting a property allows a higher degree of freedom when it comes to going out, organising an excursion and moving around the island. Indeed, the constraints linked to meal times, location or dress code are forgotten when renting a property.

Moreover, renting a property allows a significant saving, which allows you to take advantage of the many activities available in Mauritius such as diving, kitesurfing, surfing, hiking, visiting museums etc. Local services consumed during the stay remain financially advantageous. It is estimated that the cost of rental fees is generally 50% lower than in Europe for example.

In addition to the activities, an advantage of renting a property is the freedom to cook many of the local recipes. Mauritius has a wealth of culinary diversity. Its numerous markets such as those of Goodlands, Mahébourg or Port Louis offer a unique experience of colours and scents which are part of the Mauritian culture and constitute a stage of discovery of Mauritius.

Finally, if the purchase of a property represents a long-term act and a significant investment, renting allows you to have a first experience of Mauritius and to ensure the choice of a more substantial investment later on. Indeed, renting allows you to experience several locations on the island. The places that attract foreign clients are generally the west coast, from Tamarin to La Gaulette, and the north coast, from Trou aux Biches to Cap Malheureux. However, Curepipe, Floréal, Moka, Pointe d'Esny or Rivière Noire and Pereybere are places that are sought after for their tranquillity and for a longer rental.

Do not hesitate to contact our team at BARNES Mauritius who will guide you in your rental project.