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Buy in Mauritius: what are the extra costs?



Buy in Mauritius is now an easy operation thanks to the Mauritian government. With the new standards in force, a non-Mauritian citizen can easily claim to acquire a property. All the lights are green to launch into a project of purchase in Mauritius.

What are the notary fees for a purchase in Mauritius?

To buy in Mauritius, the fees are different depending on the new and old. For the purchase of a property in the old real estate, the notary fees which are charged to the buyer amount to 7 to 8% of the selling price of the property. 

On the other hand, buy in Mauritius in the new real estate, the expenses which will also be charged to the purchaser amount to 2 to 3% of the selling price.

What are the bank charges for a buy in Mauritius?

When you buy in Mauritius, it will also be necessary to take into account the bank fees in case you opt for a bank loan. Indeed, we are not inventing anything, money has a cost and it will depend on the agreement with your bank. These costs are generally translated by the interest rates that will be charged to you when you repay the money. The MCB bank accompanies individuals in their buy in Mauritius.

What are the fees of the real estate professional for a buy in Mauritius?

We recommend you to be accompanied by a real estate professional during your buy in Mauritius. This professional will be able to help you in all your steps and answer all your questions. Buying a property in Mauritius is different from buying a property in another country. It is therefore recommended to be accompanied to make the best deal possible. The agency fees vary according to the amount of the sale price. They are generally between 4 to 6% of the amount of the property.

Are there any construction costs for a buy in Mauritius?

For any buy in Mauritius, it is wise to ask yourself if you want to buy a property in the new or in the old. Of course, if you buy a new property, no work will be necessary in the years to come. For a buy in the old, it is necessary to count budget work to allow the installation and the refreshment of the house according to your desires. This budget will vary according to the nature of the work. For example, if you have to do major work on the roof or load-bearing walls, the cost will be much higher than simply repainting the property.

BARNES Mauritius consultants will assist you in your buying project in Mauritius and guide you in the process of taking into account any additional costs. Whatever you buy in Mauritius, you can count on the expertise and knowledge of our team, spread over 5 agencies on the island.