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What are the questions to ask during a first real estate visit?



Many people wish to acquire a property in order to become owner and thus to have a real estate heritage. To achieve this, it is necessary to visit several properties in order to position oneself and to concretize one's real estate project. During the visit of a property, it is important to ask the right questions in order to be able to compare and make the best possible acquisition.

Our BARNES Mauritius team has decided to prepare a list of questions for your first visit. This will help you to know all the details about the property you are going to visit. We have classified these questions into three distinct themes. These questions are related to the condition of the property, the layout of the property and the expenses of the property.

Questions related to housing condition:

  • What is the date of construction of the property?
  • What is the condition of the frame and is it possible to see it? What is the condition of the roof? What is the type of roofing and when was it last maintained? What is the condition of the walls? Are there any fissures?
  • Ask about the sanitation: is it autonomous? If yes, is it up to standards? Is there a sewage system or a septic tank?
  • The windows: what type of glazing? Double glazing, single glazing? This information will give you an idea of the level of insulation.
  • What type of heating system, interior or exterior? What is the condition of the equipment? Does the property have a boiler, an electric balloon?
  • What is the type of ventilation? Natural ventilation, single flow or double flow? This information is important to have an idea of the humidity level.
  • It is essential to ask to see the electrical panel, which allows you to see the general state of the installation.
  • Finally, you can ask if there are any easements? A right to draw water? A right of way?

Property layout issues:

  • Load-bearing walls: where are they? This is important if you want to make extensions to the property.
  • What is the orientation of the house, especially the living room and bedrooms? This information is very important to know when you will catch the light - the best is an 'East-West' orientation

Questions about future housing expenses:

  • Taxes (even if the calculation depends on the resources and the composition of the family), this will allow you to have an idea of the amount: what is the amount of the housing tax? Property tax? Garbage?
  • Is there a security system? If so, which one?
  • What is the annual cost of energy expenses? You can ask for the previous two years' bills to get an idea.

Thanks to all these questions, it will be possible to have a precise idea of the state of your home, of the various possible and imaginable arrangements. It will also give you an idea of the future expenses. This complementary information will allow you to make the best possible choice if you hesitate between different properties.

Our BARNES Mauritius experts are at your entire disposal to answer your questions or for any information relating to a real estate project.