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Why choose a villa in Mauritius?



Are you looking for an island living project and a new experience? Or are you looking to invest in the attractive Mauritian property market? Mauritius, with its many advantages, is a multicultural land that attracts many foreign nationals to settle here on a long-term basis. 

Why choose to invest in a villa in Mauritius?

Opting for a villa in Mauritius offers several advantages. There are many reasons to choose a villa. Indeed, a villa will give you more privacy and independence than a apartment or a penthouse. In addition, they often have a garden and a swimming pool, which allows you to enjoy convivial moments with your family or guests on the terrace or under a kiosk. In addition, you can opt for a villa in a secure residence with a caretaker and electric gate. Also, a villa provides more space and volume than other types of accommodation and allows you to accommodate your pets. Finally, it is relatively easy to rent this type of property in Mauritius for short or long periods. 

What are the different types of villas in Mauritius?

You will find several types of properties and villas in Mauritius to suit all tastes. You may decide to opt for a beachfront or waterfront house to be close to the sea and enjoy water activities such as surfing, kite surfing, diving or sailing. In addition, the old colonial houses that have been brought up to date are a real treasure of Mauritius. Combining history and modernity, these villas will delight investors with their unique charm. Also, you will find typical Creole houses, semi-detached houses (townhouse style) as well as more classic houses. 

Finally, villas in Mauritius often have top-of-the-range facilities and are close to sought-after amenities such as golf, spa, marina, sports center, restaurants... 

Which villa to choose if you are a foreigner?

Many expatriates choose to live in Mauritius. However, the property market is more limited for foreign investors. However, the Mauritian law facilitates the acquisition of a Mauritian property through the implementation of several schemes by the government, as the specific PDS scheme which combines the IRS and RES schemes. In addition, when you make a minimum purchase of $375,000, you obtain a permanent resident permit on the island for you and your family. You have the choice between different villas whether it is on a golf course, on the sea front, on the side of a mountain, near the city or in a seaside resort. 

Don't hesitate to contact our BARNES Mauritius team, experts in real estate throughout the island. Benefit from the advice and support of our consultants to best meet your investment project.

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