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What are the steps to rent out your property in Mauritius?



You want to rent out your property?

Our team at BARNES Mauritius will guide you through the steps to rent out your property. The number of rental requests is increasing. The profiles are diverse: Mauritians, expatriates, students, telecommuters and others. In order to achieve a good rental of your property in Mauritius, our experts who know the market perfectly will be able to support you at every step. It is a meticulous process that requires organisation and preparation in several stages.

What are the first steps to follow before renting out a property in Mauritius?

The owner must offer a decent property in good condition for rent. The property must comply with the country's standards in terms of installations (electricity, water pipes, gas and others) to ensure the safety of the tenant. It is therefore preferable to carry out renovation or maintenance work before renting. This investment pays off in the long run.

A study of the rental demand in the region where you own the property is desirable in order to adapt your offer to the market demand. Our experts can advise you on this step, in order to facilitate the management of your rental investment.

Then comes the stage of setting the rent. In general, the rent for an unfurnished property is one third less than for a furnished property. It is important to note that the vast majority of properties in Mauritius are sublet furnished.

Furthermore, the amount of rent is important in assessing the return on the rental investment for the owner. Rental income (like all types of income) is taxed at 15% in Mauritius, which is a significant advantage. Besides, Mauritius is a very popular destination, which welcomes many tourists every year. If you wish, you can therefore choose to rent your property on a seasonal basis rather than on a long-term basis. Thus, the risk of vacancy is low in Mauritius.

How to proceed with the rental of your property?

The advertisement of your rental property is essential as it allows future tenants to project themselves and to get in touch with the agency. Our team is able to assist you in this decisive stage by carefully describing the advert which will then be published on our platforms. Indeed, a well-written advertisement allows the first visits to take place quite quickly. 

Likewise, good quality photos that show the exact condition of the property will allow a greater number of people to discover your property, and therefore accelerate its rental. Indeed, properties with nice visuals generate more than 80% of the requests for visits. You will therefore understand that the quality of these photos is essential to rent your property quickly. Our BARNES Mauritius consultants are trained and aware of property photography, and will take the best possible photos for you. For exclusive properties, we guarantee professional photos taken by a service provider selected by us.

Finally, it is time to prepare the rental contract. Our BARNES Mauritius teams will tell you in detail everything you need to know about this contractual document: the content, the duration and the unfair clauses. Before renting your property, we advise you to draw up an inventory of fixtures to avoid any problems. This step is essential for the smooth running of your rental. Before handing over the keys to your property to your tenant, it is important to make a written note of the condition of the property and its equipment so that you can compare it with the state of the premises when the tenant leaves.

How to rent your property from a distance?

If you do not live in Mauritius, renting out your property can be difficult. In order to avoid any problem, you can place your property in rental management. Our dedicated BARNES Property Management team will take care of your rental through a management mandate. Acts such as preparing the lease, revising the rent annually or ensuring the payment of rental income are managed by the BARNES team so that you can rent your property without any constraints.


Our consultants at BARNES Mauritius are at your disposal for any rental property project or any additional information on the rental contract and its functioning. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to or ask for a free estimate.