BARNES Île Maurice
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The centre of the island is the home of a large majority of Mauritians. It is a dynamic and peaceful place at the same time. As in the North, you will find everything: schools, shops (with ultra modern malls), restaurants… and especially three important advantages:

  • Most companies are located there (Ebène and Phoenix)
  • The thermometer is milder! A few degrees lower, even during periods of high heat.
  • International high schools are located in this region between Curepipe and Moka.

Do you prefer the city to the beach? Being close to your work is essential? Having access to shops very easily reassures you? The center of Mauritius is for you.

Moka, the most attractive of all! Even close to the center, it is easy to find peace in the heights of this city. Only 10 kilometers from Port-Louis and the Cybercity (Ebène), Moka mixes quality of life and proximity to the hyper-center.

Moka is also the nerve centre of the island’s grey matter: a university, a high school, the headquarters of major Mauritian groups, and research laboratories. The Smart City of Moka, developed by the ENL group, one of the three largest groups in Mauritius, is a vast and modern real estate development. Residential products range from simple apartment to building land, and in these residential products, many duplex and penthouse are available. Eventually, many offices will also be built.

The Smart City of Moka, which will extend over 10km, from Bagatelle to Verdun, will offer a living environment with a unique lifestyle. The shopping centre of Bagatelle, the largest shopping mall in Mauritius already attests to this. Numerous developments and infrastructures such as Martial Noël Park will be added.

Curepipe and Floréal, two cities prized for their proximity to the hyper-center. There are many high-end real estate developments and beautiful houses in the city centre. You will find there good restaurants and posh shopping malls. However, the majority of the properties in these cities are only accessible to a local clientele.

Quatre Bornes and its surroundings are a region of Mauritius that is among the most popular places for real estate investors. Located near Port-Louis and home to the cybercity of Ebony, Quatre Bornes is located in the heart of the major population basin of Mauritius. Now powered by the tramway that connects Curepipe to Port-Louis, it is also a city perfectly served by buses and highways, housing a number of shops. This region is literally the nerve centre of Mauritius. Shops run along the banks of the Route Royale. The market is open every day, even on Sundays when the aisles are very crowded.

The Centre is a much less touristic area than the four coasts that surround it, but is extremely well served. For a dynamic family life, and far from the heat of the north and west, the Centre will seduce you.