Black River: Live, Work, Play, Explore and Discover

Black River: Live, Work, Play, Explore and Discover

By Sophie Desvaux de Marigny

Most of us know Black River as the region with magnificent mountain ranges, wild seas and flourishing deep-sea fishing. In recent years, this district located on the west coast of Mauritius has rapidly transformed into a residential and commercial coastal hub without loosing its core authentic characteristics. For those of you who are not familiar with the Black River region, this is the perfect time to get to know more about the wonderful places to visit, activities to experience and areas to live in Black River, Mauritius.

It can be said that Flic-en-Flac has been the most famous area of Black River for a long time due to its popular beaches, luxury 5 star hotels and welcoming community;  attracting many for years. We have recently seen Flic en Flac diversify from its coastal identity, offering more and more attractions for both foreigners and locals alike. These attractions are expanding towards Cascavelle with the likes of UNICITI smart city, Cascavelle shopping mall and Casela World of Adventures.  This development has enriched the area with the presence of many demanded amenities such as international educational institutes with the likes of Middlesex University and Westcoast International School, as well as state-of-the-art sport facilities including a fitness centre, an olympic swimming pool and of course the prestigious Tamarina Golf Course.

Further south from Flic -en-Flac along the west coast sits Tamarin, one of the most sought after areas to live and do business in Mauritius. Tamarin was initially a quiet fishermen’s village and is home to the famous Tamarin Bay where surfers, both young and old, ride waves from dawn until sunset. It is a place of tolerance, art and beauty. The roads, lined with brightly-coloured multi-cultural boutiques and exclusive beachfront properties, are shared with free roaming goats, barefooted, sun-kissed children making their way to or from the Bay ( whilst carrying surfboards on their heads of course), fisherman running their boat carts, and businessmen and women driving to work. With the development of the Tamarin Smart City, this once-upon-a-time small fishermen’s village is making its way into becoming THE commercial and residential hub of Mauritius. Riverland Sports Club, Paul et Virginie Primary School, La Place Cap Tamarin, and les Terraces du Barrachois are some of the main core entities of this Smart City.

Grande-Riviere-Noire, also known as Black River, has not shied away from the growth of its neighbouring village and has made a name for itself on its own. Whilst keeping its strong fishing environment,  it has made its mark with the development of state of the art property schemes, the most notable being La Balise Marina. Conceived around the residential marina concept, the island’s only residential marina offers high-end villas, penthouses, duplexes and appartements all on the water’s edge - with the possibility of having a private mooring and boat garage.   There is undoubtedly a vibe about this marina and its exceptional residential units are available to both Mauritian and International buyers. Grande-Riviere-Noire also holds the area’s go-to commercial centres such as Ruisseau Creole and London Super-Market - both located at the foot of another renowned residential estate named Plantation Marguery, offering local properties for sale and rental with incredible views of the turquoise lagoon.  One cannot speak about Black River without mentioning The Black River Gorges famous for its trails, the beauty of its flora and fauna with a special mention for the rare pink pigeon.

By exploring these 3 areas of the Black River Region, we realise the variety of places to visit, things to do and areas to live in… and that is without even touching on the Chamarel mountain range with it delicious nooks and crannies and the wonders of Le Morne mountain and surrounding areas.  Black River holds many wonders… many of them that cannot be put down in writing and deserve to be discovered in person. It is a region where residents and visitors benefit from experiencing a diversified environment blending living, leisure, work, and nature everyday.