Internationalseptembre 16, 2020
How to prepare your home for a tenant?

Before the arrival of a tenant, several checks and measurements are necessary.  In the case of a seasonal rental : Think about [...]

Internationalseptembre 02, 2020
The different parties involved in a real estate acquisition

Becoming the owner of a property goes through several phases, and this requires the involvement of several people. First of all, [...]

Internationalaoût 28, 2020
The 5 things to know before you sign a rental contract

The rental market has undergone a radical transformation in Mauritius in recent years. The information below is provided for information [...]

Internationaljuillet 28, 2020
How to make a successful rental investment in Mauritius?

A rental investment in Mauritius cannot be improvised and requires arrangements to be made before investing. It is necessary to [...]

Internationaljuillet 24, 2020
A dynamic post-confinement property market, a clear increase in demand in Mauritius.

From renting to buying, their ongoing projects were put on hold for several months in the midst of the Covid-19 [...]

Internationaljuin 16, 2020
How the Mauritian government implemented new measures to encourage real estate investment in Mauritius - Post Covid

  Mauritius has come out successfully from its battle against COVID-19. Since April 26, no local cases of COVID-19 have been recorded [...]

Internationaljuin 16, 2020
Mauritius, recognized as a safe travel destination

  MAURITIUS recognized as a safe destination by The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)  The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) has [...]

Internationalavril 23, 2020
Why buy real estate in Mauritius after the coronavirus pandemic?

The stone as a safe haven   Real estate is unrivalled as a safe haven during this period when the world's major [...]

Internationalavril 23, 2020
Prestigious real estate, the refuge value by excellence - Webinar by Thibault de Saint Vincent

1. BARNES is present in 60 exceptional locations, how is the luxury real estate market today, in the midst of [...]