Localjanvier 14, 2019
The west coast of Mauritius, a region like no other....

The West Coast of Mauritius is home to many havens, each as authentically beautiful as the other: Tamarin Bay where [...]

Localjanvier 07, 2019
New year, new home...

“The new year”…synonymous to new resolutions, new habits and of course new dreams. Dreaming of a new home for this [...]

Localdécembre 18, 2018
Tis the season...

 At the beginning of December, we looked at the wonderful tropical features you could create in your contemporary home for [...]

Localdécembre 11, 2018
On the mountain tops

Mauritius is often associated with its blue lagoons, of hypnotic beauty. But this small tropical country is also full of [...]

Localdécembre 04, 2018
Tropical decor

As the end-of-year approaches, forget for just one moment about Christmas decorations and discover tropical ones. In vogue for several [...]

Localnovembre 27, 2018
Discover kitesurfing in Mauritius

 Since the 2000’s, many sportsmen have been involved in a new nautical discipline: kitesurfing. This sport consists of sliding on [...]

Localnovembre 20, 2018
Welcome to Mont Choisy!

In the Northwest of Mauritius, a small peninsula extends towards the blue lagoon of the ocean. Welcome to the seaside [...]

Localnovembre 13, 2018
Mauritius: An architecture steeped in history

Mauritius is known for its cultural richness and diversity. In terms of architecture, it creates a fabulous bridge between captivating [...]

Localnovembre 06, 2018
In celebration of Mauritius

Mauritius is dressed in a thousand colours. Its inhabitants come from diverse and varied backgrounds, all linked under the same [...]