Holidays in Mauritius and end-of-year celebrations: Living a dream

Holidays in Mauritius and end-of-year celebrations: Living a dream

By Emilie Babet

On holidays in Mauritius? The summer season is the best time of year. The joys of the holidays mingle with the euphoric atmosphere of the end-of-year festivities. Throughout the month of December, you can feel a sense of celebration on a daily basis. This feel-good factor on the island is due to its insular and warm atmosphere. You're invited to the party!

The end-of-year holidays are marked by the crowds on the streets and the irresistible scents of grilled meats that hover in the air from place to place. At the edge of the streets, on the beach while admiring a sunset or inside a family garden, grilling is a must. The period of Holidays in Mauritius is often characterized by family gatherings and a warm and friendly ambiance in the streets. So Grandma's house remains the first option for the holidays. It means a return to the roots punctuated with laughter over a lovingly cooked meal.

But even if it's unrivaled, Grandma's cuisine has serious competition. Restaurants in all regions of the island offer equally attractive services to satisfy all. The special offers are designed to make the holiday experience different every year, thanks to the inventiveness and creativity of the hosts.


Many opt for a villa to rent on the island during this season. Organizers will delight the guests by offering a gourmet experience. From Creole cuisine to world cuisine, you will have a wide choice of flavors. An unforgettable evening and all in elegant outfits. All this while admiring the fireworks that illuminate the sky at the stroke of midnight. Those of you who are looking for the euphoria of summer nights in complete privacy can also rent a private boat or catamaran to get an overview of the fireworks. A breathtaking scenery can be appreciated from the sea. Hosts will make this night magical.


You can also let yourself be carried away by the trendy nightclubs and pubs of the north and west until the end of the night, while the music is good! You may also want to immerse yourself in the local culture by walking freely in the streets to enjoy the wide range of street food. Street vendors or sparkling shopping malls where seasonal songs resonate will make you feel truly festive.

More than 50% of travelers, admit to having a crush on the island, triggered during the festive periods. A secondary or even permanent residence is often the next step. Enjoy the charm of Mauritius and Barnes will be happy to accompany you on a memorable holiday and help you settle in.